03/29/2013 11:27 am ET Updated May 29, 2013

Is Your Ideal Man George or Tom?

George Clooney is perceived as one of the sexiest men alive. Just imagine how it would feel to be on his arm.

His jetset lifestyle would be nothing short of thrilling as the two of you traveled on private jets between California, George's home in Italy and his latest movie set.

On a whim, George might send 10 dozen roses to your office just to impress you. He'd charm you as he wined and dined you at the best restaurants in the world. You'd hear tales of his antics with his friends Brad (as in Pitt), Matt (as in Damon) and Julia (as in Roberts).

He'd brings tears to your eyes as he shared stories about his beloved pet pig, Max, who to this day, he still misses. You'd have a lot of fun with George and you'd hope and pray to your highest power that you'd get to be the one he gives his bachelor days up for and marries.

Life would always be thrilling, even if it was mostly about George and even if the world saw you as just one more in a line of many women who have tried to capture his heart.

Now, let's say your pet dies while you're together. George would kiss you on the head, and say he was sorry and then goes back to his latest movie set. You'd excuse him for not really being there for you And you would end up justifying it by telling yourself how good life is with him.

And then one day, George would come home and tell you he's done with the relationship. Your heart would be broken as he gets you packed up and out of his life. Months later, you would see he's with someone else and you'd cry, wishing you were still with him even though he wasn't really emotionally there for you when your beloved pet died.

Then there's Tom. Tom is sweet, kind, and compassionate. Life as the woman on Tom's arm would be nice; calm, easy and simple with a few fun events or trips thrown in from time to time. You'd love spending time together, whether it's sharing stories of your day over dinner or holding hands at a movie.

Sometimes, you might admit to your friends that his stories can be a bit boring or you had occasionally dreamt of what life with George might be like.

Yet, on that day you caught a cold, Tom would make you soup and run to the store for cough syrup and a humidifier so you could sleep better that night. On your anniversary, he would write you a beautiful poem from his heart. And then there would be those days on his way home from work -- he would think of how much he loves you -- and stop to get you a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

He would always want to hear about your day and when you would mention a problem with the car or the furnace, Tom would take care of it. Your safety and your happiness are priority number one to him.

Tom is the kind of man who would love you, care about you and take care of you until the end of time.

So who's arm would you really want to find yourself on? George's? Or Tom's?

A lot of women love the George's of the world; the edgy man who makes a woman feel alive with his flirtatious behavior, crazy lifestyle and handsome looks. He can be the nicest man in the world to a lot of people, but most George's out there are not very present or caring to the feelings of the lady he is with at the moment.

And many women pass over the Tom's of the world, thinking they are kind of cute, but a bit boring. A Tom-type of man would be there for you emotionally and physically, but women throw away Tom's all the time, thinking they just aren't George.

George's are the best fun. But if you are looking for a committed relationship in your future, do you want a playful George who is all about George, or do want a kind, compassionate Tom, who is all about loving you? Let me know what you think.

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