09/05/2012 02:50 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

A Change of Season, a Change of Fashion

Summer 2012 fashion was all about bright colors and bold prints. Now that Labor Day is over, it's the right time to ditch those intense neon colors, diaphanous whites, polka dots and tangerine accessories. Say good bye to the crop tops, work day pajama looks, and open up your closet for Fall 2012 trends.

I'm personally looking forward to the coolest trends of Autumn, and I think Fall 2012 will bring in burgundy as the new black. Everyone from soccer moms to CEOs will complement their wardrobe with burgundy's intense hues. It plays well with ebony, as well as white, but also combines quite nicely with vivid nature-inspired shades such as sky blue, forest green, peony, as well as peach.

When it comes to accessories, try a dark shade of blue, or the warm feel of gold jewel tones with burgundy. Winter white will also make its presence known, as well as the black and blue combination in a variety of different fabrics. Gold, when paired with black, will also dominate the color palette this fall. Additionally, an accent gold can offer any silhouette a three dimensional impact that can adapt to every taste and will give shine until the end of 2012. Leather will appear very feminine -- even practical -- and can be worn by anyone (even the slick look of patent leather).

The military look will take shape showing the hallmarks of impeccable tailoring, with a dash of androgyny, resulting in a formidable balance giving way to the uniformed female. Asian-inspired motifs have a cinematic exuberance where fashion designers present a flowering garden of dresses, pants as well as skirts and accessories. The fashion clock will turn back time with the re-emergence of the jumpsuit, where comfort and style-ability go hand in hand. Skinny pants in dark colors, as well as pencil skirts remain a staple trend, and we must say "buh-bye" to casual days at the office, and hello to the new suit trend. The formal jacket is set in the 1940s with high shoulders, and a narrow waist, sometimes even accented with a wide or even narrow belt, with relaxed or flared leg pants. From collars, to shoes, bags, even jackets, the bejeweled look boasts embellishments that have become the new fashion trend making your looks shine, even in the darkest light.

Now, let's be honest, we love our curves, and showing off our curves will be the rage this fall. In fact, it is the only fall trend that indulges in sexiness. Dresses by top name brand designers will not only flatter but also slim most figures even when they hug our bodies. Long and lean lines, leather mixed with spandex, will not only help glorify our curves, but they will optically make inches disappear! We will keep warm this winter season in the Balmacaan, swagger, and even swing coats with big and oversized collars will be seen. The motto jacket and sci-fi gear will leave us guessing as we jump into the Spring 2013 season.

And, just in case you were wondering what the Spring 2013 has in store for our inner fashionista, look out for the return of the 1920s flapper look, floral prints in soft pastels, bold tropical prints, the nomad look, and last, but certainly not least, the preppy athletic look of the Olympiad.