10/17/2014 09:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Homeboy Industries: "Every Angeleno Counts" 5k Race and Art Show

Art meets athletes this year for Homeboy Industries 5k Run/Walk on Saturday October 18, from 8am to noon. Along the race route, runners and walkers and experience entertainment including taiko drummers, musicians from the Compton High School Marching Band and live painting by students from the Los Angele County High School for the Arts.

Food trucks, live music and vendors are part of the community fest set up along Bruno Street at the race's start and finish line, and this year there's a new component: An art fair featuring a wide range artists reflecting the race theme of "Every Angeleno Counts."

I was honored to be asked to coordinate the art portion--which on the surface seems like a pretty monumental task: Sixty feet of chain link fence, and artists representing a wide swath of LA's vast cultural mix. Oh and three hours to hang 80 pieces for a show that lasts four hours, from 8am to noon. The outpouring of art and support was astounding and the artists made it so easy for me with their graciousness and generosity. Shepard Fairey, Juan Carlo Muñoz Hernandez and Abel Alejandre donated pieces outright, while other artists created works specifically for the event, and all of them were excited to participate in a show where a portion the sale price) went to support Homeboy Industries' many programs. Here are some images and quotes from the over forty artists participating.


I'm sure anyone can identify with the feelings of being trapped in a
negative cycle with no means of escape. Homeboy's manifesto of
"self-improvement, leading to strengthened communities" seems like a
concept we all could employ within our own lives...


I live at the Brewery. These "boys" and "girls" are my neighbors. I live in the hood! I grew up in a Connecticut suburb filled with opportunity. I want these young people to have the same opportunities i had -- the chance for a good life. They deserve our support. They deserve a chance. I can't think of a better use for my art than to help these young people.


In the busy swirl of Los Angeles, it is easy to forget "Every Angeleno Counts". Homeboy Industries isn't just making room but also providing avenues of real hope, something everyone needs. It's an honor to have my work included.


I'm not a man of faith, but Father Boyle is one of my heroes. It's just about impossible to grow up in Los Angeles, and not know that man, and what he's done for this city. If Homeboy Industries asks for something, it's a really easy "Yes!"


My art is concerned with equal human rights worldwide. It is a blessing to have this invitation to contribute to an incredible organization that continues to engineer solutions by creating opportunities for local people and which gives them hope and skills to become contributing members of our Los Angeles community. I hope my participation in "Every Angeleno Counts" 2014 will encourage more people to participate in making local changes that benefit people at large.


Homeboy Industries sets an impressively high standard - providing a broad spectrum of programs that truly DO serve the community at large, and at-risk youth simultaneously. We all benefit from their innovative and thorough approach to curbing gang violence. I'm so pleased to support this organization and participate in this event!


I'm happy to be a contributor to the success of Homeboy Industries- I've enjoyed the Homeboy Diner at LA City Hall and really think the whole program is important, ingenious, and a distinctly Angeleno institution, I'm a believer!


I've known Father Greg for maybe twenty years, through our mutual association with Dolores Mission Church in Boyle Heights; and I designed a tee-shirt for Homeboy back a dozen years ago or so. Like everyone who's come into contact with him, I have the utmost respect for his dedication and inspiration; and I've seen the deep and positive transformations that people undergo when they commit themselves to Homeboy's and Homegirl's community and fellowship. I didn't have to think twice about contributing a piece for this weekend's fundraiser: it's just a small thank you gift, really.

The Homeboy 5k Run/Walk will have on-site registration if the urge run or walk comes over you. For more details n the run, check out this link. And you can see more of the art on