01/29/2007 04:23 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Swinging Breasts

Apparently, there are some breastfeeding swingers out there who nurse each other's babies. The babies are then known as "milk siblings."

I learned of this trend when I read an essay over at Babble by a woman whose friend suggested that they swap babies and nurse them, presumably as a bonding experience.

After having initial misgivings, the writer comes around to the idea, nurses the other woman's baby, and proclaims that "it felt really...normal."

Wow. And I thought I had been a pretty liberal breastfeeding mom just by doing it under a blanket in public.

Aside from violating the mother-infant bond, there is a serious public health reason to just say no to boob swapping. Breast milk is a bodily fluid that can pass communicable diseases like HIV to the baby.

What's next "used needle siblings?"

I must say, NONE of my nursing mom friends ever made this indecent proposal to me. Maybe because I made everyone Purell their hands before touching my newborn, they got the idea I wouldn't be into it.

Hey, this may be a beautiful thing to do for your friendship..... But until they invent a nipple condom, I'm going to abstain.