05/03/2013 05:56 pm ET Updated Jul 03, 2013

Do You Have a Magnetic Personality?

Have you noticed some people vibrate on such an intense level that when they walk into a room, you can't take your eyes off them? And not because they're so beautiful, it's because they possess so much self-confidence and they have an aura around them like they have a secret or they're tapped in. And then there's the opposite side of this spectrum. Someone else can enter a room and they're invisible, and others can leave a room and the room brightens because they're so toxic and negative.

Have you ever noticed that?

The people who can capture our attention regardless of what they're doing have charisma. Their magnetism is potent, they effortlessly make a dynamic impact. A few years ago, Julia Roberts (when she accepted the Oscar for Best Actress for Erin Brockovich) said that she can't believe she has an Oscar and Denzel Washington doesn't. She went on saying that she could watch him for hours just reading the yellow pages because he's so fascinating and talented. What I think she was saying is that he radiates a vitality and charisma that is infectious. That by simply watching him, one gets transformed. So no form of social networking, marketing or resume reveals more about us than the light that radiates from our being.

Do you have that magnetism?

Parmahansa Yogananda says that spiritual magnetism is "the power of the soul to attract or create whatever it needs for all-around happiness and wellbeing."

To accelerate your magnetic frequency and manifest your vision for your life, you must enter the laboratory of your own mind and soul and evolve through three domains:

  • The first one is discovering your gifts and talents
  • The second is getting in touch with your authentic soul through visualization
  • The third is practicing meditation regularly

Try it for a month and see what a difference it makes!

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