07/02/2014 07:34 am ET Updated Jul 02, 2014

Featured Fifty Poetry: Over

Lisa Brown is a freelance writer and bemused 50 year old. What can one say about a young girl who grew up amongst the pine trees and squirrels of a small East Texas town? A young girl who wrote so much poetry that her exasperated mother finally said (with a Jewish accent, even though the family was incredibly Caucasian and Methodist), "Enough with the rhyming already! There's too much paper in the house! Spend some time outdoors, go play with a squirrel!" The only thing that has stopped Lisa from being her generation's Taylor Swift is the fact that the only thing she can play is a clarinet, and it's nearly impossible to write a song and sing along to it on a wind instrument.


I'm over the terror, I'm over the wrought

I'm over the have, I'm over the not

I'm over the weight, I'm over the lines

(I'm way overdue on my library fines!)

I'm over extended, I'm overly bored

I'm over attention, I'm over ignored

I'm over the constant, I'm over the still

I'm over the rainbow, and over the hill

I'm over and under, and over and out

I'm overly certain, and filled with self-doubt

I'm overly whelmed, and I'm overly blue

Yet day after day

I get over that too.