01/05/2014 06:00 pm ET Updated Mar 07, 2014

To Believe or Not to Believe

Lately, I seem to be spending a lot of time explaining the difference between facts and opinions. It is a time consuming, but worthy, undertaking. It amazes me that there are people who seem to think they are going to convince me that their opinion is more important than actual scientific data behind climate change and global warming. They cannot seem to comprehend that my mind is capable of understanding the difference between their opinion and the actual scientific facts on climate change.

Because here is the thing, I believe in science. I believe in reason and logic, and use both to review the reports and data, and base my beliefs on the facts. I trust the data from NOAA. I trust that 97 percent of climate scientists agree on this. I trust the IPCC report.

And here is another thing: facts are not up for debate. You can choose to ignore a fact, deny a fact, or not agree with a fact. It does not change the fact. Facts do not have a bias. Facts aren't Democrats or Republicans. Facts aren't feelings. And facts don't change for your political pandering. You don't take facts on faith. You can however have faith in facts. Sometimes life is black or white. When we are discussing facts, there is no debate, something is either a fact, or if it is not a fact, it is an opinion.

At this point, there really are very few people who argue that climate change is not actually happening, we have the scientific data to prove it is happening, so why would anyone continue to argue against it and for what purpose?

Well, here is when I am going to have to go down the rabbit hole of supposition and theory, because I am not in their heads, so I don't know for sure, but I am going by what I have read and what has been said to me.

So here goes, it seems the most prevalent reason for climate change denial is a belief that renewable energy and sustainable development are driven by some malevolent Liberal United Nations Intelligentsia cabal with a wish to subvert the sovereignty of the United States by going green.

I kid you not. There are people who believe this. And say so publicly. Just have a look at the website of the John Birch Society. And don't think those Birchers are some fringe element-Tea Party conspiracy theory "birthers," no, many of the mainstream conservative talking heads and elected officials are members of this group, which has in its core principles this statement:

The Society also labors to warn against and expose the forces that seek to abolish U.S. independence, build a world government, or otherwise undermine our personal liberties and national independence.

And guess what they think is doing this? Cue the spooky music and fog machine... Agenda 21.

But I don't think that is it. Come follow me down this rabbit hole just a little. You see, I think these guys aren't really that ignorant. From the pictures of the "leadership", they are all older and white, I am betting they are well-educated, successful in their careers, well-informed and knowledgeable, but they are also fossil fuel fools. From David Koch, who was an "adviser" to the founder of the group, to the current incarnation of leaders, they all seem to think global warming is a hoax being perpetrated for the purpose of usurping our national independence. I can't even type it without laughing out loud it is that ridiculous.

So what can we do? What can you do? Well, for starters, let's stop this nonsense that there is any "debate" on this issue. The debate is done, the science is in and the solution is clear.

So what is stopping us from moving forward? Apathy. Inaction. Distractions. Work. Ignorance. Denial. Life.

And it is so frustrating to me. Because the solution really isn't that hard. We don't have to change everything at once. We can start small. Change one thing every month. Change your light bulbs. Stop buying bottled water. Stop using shampoo, conditioner, soap and detergents with petroleum by-products. Pay attention to where you spend your money. None of these are major inconveniences. All are very simple. None are going to bankrupt you or stop you from living your life exactly how you want. None are going to usurp our sovereign national independence or form a liberal socialist cabal intent on controlling the US economy via a nefarious plot to "go green."

Next, we have to do some of the bigger things, and those are already underway. Converting our homes to more energy efficient structures. Producing vehicles with higher mileage standards. And my personal favorite, converting our schools and municipal buildings into revenue and energy generating buildings rather than tax dollar sucking structures.

What will all this do? It will protect our planet. It will make our world a little better. A little safer. And hopefully, a little cooler.

So believe, or don't believe the facts. It doesn't matter. They are still the facts. And these facts demand our action and attention. Don't be in denial, take a stand. Make a difference. It is as easy as changing your shampoo.

And to make a bigger impact, click here sign on to my call for President Obama to sign an executive order to close the "Halliburton Loophole," because really, does the company who sold shoddy water systems to our troops that led to injuries and who constructed the cement casings that failed at the Deepwater Horizon killing 11, deserve to be exempt from basic safety regulation?

For more info and insight on John Birch, check out this book, Wrapped in the Flag by Claire Conner.

And take a minute to review the facts for yourself: