09/17/2014 05:54 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2014

What a Wonderful Day That Will Be

Another pipeline is leaking and people are being evacuated. More land is being contaminated.

Meanwhile, the Scotland Independence vote of course has drilling and extraction at its core. And the money I bet that is fueling that most, is right from the fossil fuel fools.

Here at home we have kids without books. Winter is coming, and they don't have coats. We have Vets killing themselves and the mentally ill are allowed to buy guns and unlimited ammo.

Meanwhile our friends on the right keep telling us the problem is poor people, never mind that they created the great vast poverty that engulfs us. Never mind that the poverty wage they bestow upon their corporate sponsors is costing taxpayers trillions and creating an inequality that is killing the American dream. Never mind that they refuse to lower interest rates, forgive debt or help the people. They are too busy helping the rich, they need another tax break or they won't not create any jobs.

They don't care, because the election comes and people everywhere say, "Oh, but that's politics." "What do I care? The game is coming on, be quiet." Or "I have to work. I'm too busy. I don't care. My vote doesn't matter. The system is broken. Its all corrupt. Why should I bother?"

And so we all dig deep in our pockets to help the poor, the hungry, the ill and the aged. Keeping our own economies unequal, never mind the right shoveling our cash to the rich, they have to have tax breaks they tell us, to create jobs, as we watch the middle class disappear.

My feelings turn to despair, which in turn creates in me an anger, and I begin to despise the superficial arrogance of the many for ignoring what the few are doing right in front of them. Because make no mistake, this is going on RIGHT in front of you.

When all of you are really as sick of this as you say, you will rise up and take back what is yours. Your money, your homes, your savings, your children's futures. Our land, water and air.

The real revolution happens every year on election day. And one day, I'm going to see millions of American's finally realize that we had the power all along and act accordingly.

What a wonderful day that will be.