01/23/2013 04:08 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2013

Building America Forward -- An Open Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

In 2008 you brought hope to the American people. The kind of hope that was served in beautiful speeches and stunning promises. You inspired us to believe that 'Yes We Can' live in a better world. 'Yes We Can' build a better America. We would have more jobs and boost the economy. We would have rights restored -- and rightfully so. After all, we are each entitled to live and prosper in this country and in this world.

I believed in 'Yes We Can!'

This time we are inspired to build America Forward. To forge ahead and to make progress. Mr. President, today we are a nation divided. That is the elephant in the room. We are a nation where one side is clinging to the old and familiar, to the tried and true mentality of the 'good ole boys' and the old-fashioned 'values' of old America. Where people owned slaves, and trampled over one another for their differences. Where they built values and belief systems based on one being better than the other, and bred inferiority to keep others compliant. Obedient.

The other half understands that the old ways are dead. We cannot thrive and prosper by trampling over others, or taking away people's rights and opportunities to thrive. We need to create a new world, where diversity is accepted and Equality for All exists. We are a people who believe that change is good, change is needed, change is mandatory and we need to create policies and economic structures where this kind of belief is instilled in everyone.

Let's banish the idea of 'special interest' groups and embrace a world where everyone is considered equally.

Mr. President, how do you plan to unite this nation with its differences and its struggles and its economic crisis? How do you inspire both sides of the nation and bring us closer to work together toward building America strong again?

Divided we fall. Divided. We. Fall.

This is your defining moment, Mr. Obama. How do we move forward now? I don't envy your position and I find it to be the most difficult job in the world right now. I support you on this journey and I am ready to move Forward.

Perhaps we should sit down together so that you truly understand the needs of your people.

Don't serve us hope -- we've moved past that now. We've survived on Hope for more generations than we've both been alive. Today we need solutions. We need policies in place that will truly transform this nation. We need a healthcare solution that the majority of us can afford and feel comfortable with. We need an educational system that provides our children with nourishing food for thought and the opportunity for creative expression, and not built on some archaic system that fails half of America.

We need an economy where small businesses thrive and free enterprise exists, where there are enough jobs for those who want them, and there are opportunities to build and build and build. We need to redistribute our money and use it to reconstruct this land, this nation, and the hopes of our people and not waste billions on wars which rape, pillage, plunder and kill other nations.

We need to protect our women's rights and reproductive system and we need to provide enough services to empower and educate our women to make their own choices about their bodies and to step into leadership roles and be treated equally. After all, we make up more than halfthe population. It's time we were considered equally.

We need to establish and maintain rights for everyone no matter their race, sexual orientation, ability or religious background. We are spoon fed that America is the land of the free--and I grew up wanting to believe that creed. But where do we stand today?

In your inauguration speech you state,

"Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law -- for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well."

I want to marry whoever I want. I want to have a baby, or not have a baby if I choose. I want to be taken seriously in the workplace. I want access to health care if I get breast cancer. I want to live in a world that is safe to express myself and exercise my right to free speech. I want the constitution which was created for this wonderful nation and its people to be protected and reinstated to its former intention. I want to live in the land of the free where we are united as One.

The United States of America.

Mr. President you are our leader. What an honor to be the visionary who takes this great nation beyond its limits. To repair the damage that was done years ago and to undo what has taken this country down. Let's face it -- we are not where we once were and four and eight years is not enough time to get us there. But -- what you create today is what shapes our tomorrow. And that's where the lives of our children, your children, exist.

Today we are a nation divided, but I think we all agree -- we need to build a better America. We need to stand tall once more, and build a nation that allows each of us, with our differences, with our beliefs, with our abilities, to thrive and prosper in the land of the free.

EqualityTV was created to help the people begin "Embracing Alternatives" and build a better future. We are here to share your messages of Progress and Equality and will be with you every step of the way during your next four years as President.

We need to stand united and be great once more.

President Obama, we look to you to take us there. Forward.


Lisa Mae Brunson
EqualityTV Founder