06/29/2016 02:30 pm ET Updated Jun 30, 2017

Trust The Timing Of Your Life

Sylvain Sonnet via Getty Images

Women often identify who they are by the labels and titles (roles) they have taken on. I consider myself a pretty strong woman and even I wandered in the "what the hell do I do now" desert for a while, when the identity I intended to have for a long while was gone.

Sometimes it was extremely difficult to be honest with myself. It was shocking to me to know just how far I had slipped from who I am destined to become. But I picked my a** up, promised future me that she could stop rolling her eyes at my excuses and told present me that the past didn't define me.

Not only did I make it to the other side; I did it with grace. I stopped listening to the old story of who I was (and who others thought I should be). I stopped struggling and started cooperating with my own desires. I surrounded myself with people who were like-minded and who supported my big, crazy dreams.

The struggle is real, right? The struggle is also bullshit and just another story we tell ourselves. We are the ones who create limitations, timelines and shoulds. We are the ones who say we can't. We are the ones who allow fear to take over and squash our hopes.

If you ever find yourself saying "What (else) could go wrong"? Well a lot of things could go wrong. And a lot of things can go right. To have more right moments you must believe that you are enough and possible and worthy and ready.

When you're starting or re-starting, sometimes you don't know how to behave. You are still stuck in what or who you are supposed to be. The truth is: The only person you are supposed to be is who you WANT to be. And you're entitled to feel great about it no matter what.

I know that you want to leap into the future fearlessly. You will get there if you trust the timing. Actually, you're right where you are supposed to be, but you still have a lot of questions.

Will I be alone? Will it work? Will I have support? What will people say?

What would it mean to you to be bold, audacious and brazenly chasing your goals? To step out of where you've "been" - releasing that tired old story of doubt. To shift your thinking and self-belief. To finally allow the shift that proves to you that you are more than enough - always have been & always will be.

And to see the world, your life experience differently. You perceive the beauty in every misstep and know that it has brought you to this place. This new place of expanding the version of who you thought you were into the person you are meant to become. Who you are is now liberated - free from the opinions of others.

Free from the stories you tell yourself of "why not". Free from doing what you are "supposed to do". You would have permission to: feel Limitless, be yourself unapologetically, never apologize for wanting more. So free that one day your friends will look at you and say, "You've changed". and you will say, "No, I've grown into who I am meant to be".

To me, those actions meant the world, because I sought the real answers within me. I stopped looking outside of myself for approval, validation and purpose. I gave up on perfection and trying so hard. I decided to make a dent in the universe, without having to fit in.

The weight of shoulds and "what will they think" lifted and I could finally breathe again. A deep sigh and release that shed the version of me that was trapped and listening to my own bullshit. I was able to communicate from a heart-centered yet powerful place and unearth my most compelling reasons to make shift happen.

All because I let go and trusted the timing of my life.

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