04/23/2014 03:38 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2014

Mix and Match

A lot can happen over the course of one night. You may find the love of your life, or break up with the person you thought was your soul mate. You may make a fool of yourself, or be someone's hero. You never know what will happen, but you'll make a lot of memories figuring it all out. As the song "Closing Time" says, "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Mixology takes place over one night in a bar in Manhattan where ten single people connect, explore newfound friendships and relationships, and try to look for love. This show is a mixture of laughs, libations, and love; a cocktail that doesn't always go down smoothly, but provides the buzz of happiness you crave.

We begin with hapless, cookie-cutter Tom (Blake Lee) who has just been dumped by his fiancée and hasn't been out on a date in a decade. His two best friends, charming Cal (Craig Frank) and loquacious Bruce (Andrew Santino), take Tom out to a bar to throw him back into the dating scene, whether he is ready or not. It is there that Tom meets Maya (Ginger Gonzaga), an attorney who is just as shrewd in the courtroom as she is in the bedroom. Connected to Maya is her coworker Liv (Kate Simses) who is engaged and has always lived life responsibly. Tonight Liv may chart a new course in life and in love; she just has to be willing to take a leap with the first few steps. We also meet single mom Jessica (Alexis Carra) who has been looking for love in all the wrong places, mainly online. Jessica reconnects with her chic frenemy Fabienne (Frankie Shaw), much to Jessica's dismay, but that just may be the tip of the iceberg for Jessica tonight. Then there is capricious waitress Kacey (Vanessa Lengies) who has been hooking up with Dominic (Adan Canto), the bar's brooding and mysterious bartender, only to realize he isn't as invested in their trysts as much as she is. Finally, we meet Ron (Adam Campbell) who has lived the life of Riley as an internet entrepreneur, only to see it evaporate before him in failure. His night seems like it couldn't get worse, but his luck may be about to change.

Every character has a backstory with something the viewer can relate to. Whether it's naivety, being a people pleaser, late bloomer, or just wanting some happiness in life, and that is what sucks the audience in the most; it is relatable. We all go through life searching for the one person who completes us, and Mixology shows how ten strangers connect on their search for that one person in all the wrong and right ways. The writers of the show think outside of the box when it comes to how these characters and story lines intertwine. These are not your typical meet-cute moments between characters. There is raunchiness and campiness, and at the same time, you still recognize at least one of these characters whether in yourself or one of your own friends. It goes against the norm, which is what greatly sets it apart from all of the single life shows on prime time televisions. That and the characters always come back to their centered friendships. They may connect outside of who they are with, but the focus always comes back to their core. The setting of a bar makes people feel like they are on an even playing field. You may have little or no confidence, but when alcohol comes into play and adrenaline is rushing, you either have all the confidence you need to clinch the deal, or make a fool of yourself trying.

The cast of Mixology has been pieced together in the perfect hand-crafted package. Simses is a phenomenal standout who provides both depth and easy humor in Liv. Gonzaga makes you want her as your wing woman. She pulls double duty making Maya feel bold and brazen while underlying vulnerable all at the same time. Lengies is vivacious as Kacey, her effortless and clever comedic timing makes Kacey utterly endearing. Santino takes debauchery to a new level as Bruce. You will hate to love him and love to hate him all at once, a feat not easily accomplished! Lee is lovable and laughable while Shaw is beguiling. Carra is smart and sharp, but knows when to let her guard down and Frank pours on the sweetness and charisma. Campbell could single handedly steal an entire episode with his snark and quick wit. The writing sets the bar high, but also allows for this fantastic cast to splice in some wickedly creative improv.

Romance and libations take center stage as this set of singles tries to make it a night they'll never forget. Each episode of Mixology is another story in the naked city, and we can't wait to find out where the night will take us!