08/25/2014 02:51 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2014

Belle Donna

Balancing your life between all of the daily obstacles is never easy. But when you're a Jersey Belle, you face them balls to the wall with no apologies. Each Monday on Bravo we get to see Jaime Primak Sullivan juggle being a mom, publicist, friend and learning the ropes of true Southern living -- like a lady! Jaime isn't your average Southern belle, though. She's actually a Jersey girl and that streak never leaves you. The South may be known for their hospitality and charm, but for a Jersey Belle, all bets are off!

Jaime and her family live in the quaint suburb of Mountain Brook, Alabama and Jaime balances between a slow, sweet Southern lifestyle and a fast paced, stressful career -- all of which can take a major toll. Luckily Jaime has some serious support in the true blue friends that she has made living in Alabama. Danielle, Arden and Luci have become not just her guides to true Southern etiquette (and they do plenty of that), but they also provide a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen when the challenges that pop up get overwhelming. These ladies keep Jaime centered and they also provide plenty of fodder for Jaime to lovingly joke, chastise and tease in an honest, but playful manner. Truthfully, that's what friends are for, good give and take, but more importantly they are there to help you when life throws you curveballs including divorce, mother-in-laws, and raising your kids!

You may think that Southern living is easy, but not when you have society life to keep up with, a busy family, and work obligations keeping you on edge. Jaime knows how to be tough as nails when she needs to, she will do it all and then some for both her clients and her friends. She doesn't mince her words and she keeps her life day in and out one hundred percent real. That's what makes her show Jersey Belle so interesting to watch, you wish you had a friend like Jaime and you wish you could say half of the things she says. There is no filter there and Jaime probably wouldn't want it any other way. Her loyalty is fierce and so is her attitude.

That's really what endears Jaime not just to fans of Jersey Belle, but also to her friends. Jaime is the rock that they lean on during times of crisis, breakups, baby drama, and weddings. You can easily tell that there is nothing Jaime would not do for her friends and clients. Between racing to make a flight to not miss Arden's wedding dinner in Alabama after putting in one hundred and ten percent with her clients in Los Angeles, comforting Luci during meltdowns and breakups, and lending a shoulder for Danielle who has been struggling to conceive, Jaime never says "no." And she doesn't turn her back on anyone!

It's really all about having faith and a strong familial background that keeps the ties that bind close. Faith isn't always easy to have, but when you have someone who shows you that believing is more than seeing, you know that anything is possible. Jaime also faces her own battle of having a fourth child as her husband, Michael, feels like they already have a fulfilled family. Jaime and her husband seem to be between a rock and a hard place, but communication is key, and Jaime can probably out talk Oprah and give the put-down queen Kathy Griffin a real run for her money! They say that you can't have it all, but Jaime makes it work, and makes the hardships she faces on a daily basis humorous and look like a breeze!

What makes Jersey Belle so special is that Jaime is a fish out of water, she's living life on her own terms in a sweet Southern suburb. She's not trying to conform to anyone's standards, like offering to bring meatballs to Arden's bridal shower tea. She's just being the hard-knock lady that she has grown into. And she shouldn't have to conform to anyone's vision of a lady, except her own. She is an incredible role model, mom and hard working publicist. When life hands Jaime lemons, she doesn't make lemonade. She makes Limoncello. Jaime is the kind of friend you want in your corner when the world seems sad or dark. There aren't many people who you come across that you know have the goods to back up what they say, but you most definitely can take Jaime at face value.

Jersey Belle has plenty of laughs, but it's also the serious moments that you will relate to that will touch your heart. Life is about overcoming obstacles, and doing it with a grain of salt. In Jaime's case, she does it with salt around the rim of a margarita. Bravo to the Bravo Network for giving us more ladies who aren't shrinking violets and can ring our bell any day!