01/03/2013 01:11 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

Completely Justified

I'll admit it, when Justified first came out on television, I didn't watch it. When Friday Night Lights came out on television, I also didn't watch that. When Hot In Cleveland first began airing, I didn't watch that. After countless friends and family buzzed loudly about these shows, I knew I was sorely missing out. Slowly and surely I decided to see what all of the hype was about for each show and checked out a copy of each respective season one DVD at my local library. When I checked out Friday Night Lights, I quickly devoured season one and craved for the rest. After laughing hysterically through the first season of Hot In Cleveland, I couldn't wait to engulf myself in the rest. As soon I began watching Justified I kicked myself hard for not watching sooner. I was utterly and completely hooked, and you will be too when you watch this rollercoaster ride filled with drama and chaos. Every minute of this high-octane FX Network show had my blood pumping and it has continued to do so episode after episode, season after season.

Take one look at Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens and you'll see a lot of what it is about this show that's really appealing for women. Beyond the rugged good looks, any viewer (man or woman) would be sucked into the gripping drama; genius acting talents, and gritty writing that make Justified such an unmissable show! Olyphant and the show's writers amp up the thrills and tension every episode. When we last left Raylan in Season 3, he faced off against nasty, dirty politics, a mysterious ringleader who went by the name of Limehouse, plus an ambitious gangster spawning from the underbelly of Motor City. Raylan may live by the law, but he's also prone to spontaneity, so you just never know what he's got up his sleeve, or what's coming his way!

Justified is a show that packs a major punch with a never-ending set of twists and turns. You never know who you can trust, especially family and friends! Even though Raylan has always had a complicated and strained relationship with his family, he has never turned a blind eye to them or anyone else that may be in need or may require protection. The law is there to protect and serve, and that's exactly what Raylan does, no matter the day or time. Heartbreaks and heartaches are aplenty in Justified and they are all a part of the cruel and torturous storylines that keep fans transfixed to this compelling and uncompromising program. You can't miss an aching moment of this breathtaking dance between right and wrong that every character is plagued by continually.

Beyond Olyphant as a standout is the phenomenal support he gets from the seemingly effortless performances by Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder and Joelle Carter as Ava Crowder. These two powerhouse actors are double trouble and are a huge part of what makes Justified click so well. The chemistry and camaraderie they have with Olyphant feels like fire and ice. They smolder when on screen together and feel like a well-crafted puzzle that has been put together. It's an incredible chess match that this group plays and you never know what move they are going to make next. The entire cast truly goes above and beyond and you can see it in every slight facial or body movement, look of the eye, and tip of the hat. Out of the box recurring stars like Margo Martindale in Season Two as well as Neal McDonough and Mykelti Williams in Season Three amps up and intensify the thrills and chill that shock viewers whenever they tune in.

Jan. 8 marks the return of this no-nonsense show and fans have been waiting impatiently for its return for Season Four. This season Raylan picks up a cold case that's over thirty years in the making. This seedy riddle that Raylan will have to unravel goes back to his boyhood and trickles into his criminal father's dirty dealings. Meanwhile, Boyd Crowder starts to feel his grip on Harlan loosening due to a Pentecostal preacher who both has a panache and penchant for theatrics as well as quite the knack for meant pulsation, which may rival that of Boyd's! Raylan, as usual, has more than his work cut out for him, but lucky for fans of Justified, he is always up for a challenge!

Watch one episode of Justified and you will instantly fall in love with the outstanding cast, crisp, sharp, and gripping writing, and the Southern charm it exudes. Tight chemistry with storylines guaranteed to suck you in; you can't match or beat programming like this! No nonsense, unapologetic and raw, Justified is a show that will keep you in a perpetual tailspin with heart pounding on edge drama that will have you locked in and loaded every time you tune in. With Season Four on the cusp of premiering, you're going to want to become well acquainted with Justified, or reacquainted with it, so you are sitting as pretty as Raylan Givens on Jan. 8.