06/13/2012 12:30 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Sometimes I find myself wondering, 'have all of the good television shows died out or been killed off?' Favorite shows like Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer seem to be just dust in the wind and fond memories. While it doesn't seem like there is any hope of resurrecting these gems, it appears that dusting off the shelf may be just what the doctor ordered to bring a smile to the face of TV watchers. Formerly finite show Dallas is getting a revamp and you won't want to miss a moment.

This summer TNT is giving fans a gift. They've brought back a true fan favorite show and put a modern twist on the continuation of this beloved blockbuster. Unstoppable and powerful show stars like Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, and Larry Hagman stay center stage and front and center, but the show also gets a boost with new characters and cast members. TNT is spinning the show with some new energy and blood by including the offspring of both J.R. and Bobby Ewing. This fiery family mixes up the old and new generations of Ewings which allows you to either renew your love for this classic or become a brand new fan! The prominent fixture of TV chatter aired on CBS from 1978 to 1991 and now it lands on TNT starting on June 13! Formerly a Friday night fire cracker, the show will be setting Wednesday nights ablaze.

J.R., Bobby, and Sue Ellen Ewing return to the ranch with plenty of new drama, secrets, schemes and betrayals. With the next generation of Ewings under their wings, ambition and deception are taken to a whole new level. Southfork erupts teetering between chaos and calamity with the explosive rivalry between brothers J.R. and Bobby living through another generation. John Ross Ewing (played by Josh Henderson), son of J.R. and ex-wife Sue Ellen, and Christopher Ewing (played by Jesse Metcalfe), the adopted son of Bobby. Henderson's smoldering John Ross is most definitely a chip off the old block as he is determined to strike it rich in the oil industry to prove that he's capable of stepping into his father's shoes. He's trying to prove to his father that despite their lack of relationship, his eyes are fully fixed on both Southfork and the woman he loves. Metcalfe's sexy Christopher Ewing has been ever aware of his adoptive background and his cousin's eagerness to remind him of it. He's worked hard and aimed high to make the Ewing name great once again while harboring insecurities about his place in the family. He's now engaged and returning to Southfork to not only plan his wedding, but make a name for himself in the alternative fuel industry without any favors from his father.

The women of Southfork are no slouches either! The dynamic Jordana Brewster stars as Elena Ramos, daughter of beloved Ewing cook Carmen. Elena grew up with both John Ross and Christopher and the three have always been close. Christopher has secretly always had her heart and at one time was her fiancée. The two had a misunderstanding which led to their engagement being called off and she fled to Mexico where John Ross confessed his love for her. Elena has her own sky high dreams of making it big in the oil industry and so she comes back to Dallas armed with a masters degree in energy resources and her new Ewing business partner to strike black gold. Vibrant Julie Gonzalo makes her mark as Rebecca Sutter, the beautiful fiancée of Christopher Ewing. She's also a self-made woman who has worked to put herself through law school. She returns to Southfork with Christopher to make their wedding go off without a hitch and start a new life together. Rebecca tries to befriend Elena in hopes of learning more about her fiancée and to find a place for herself in Southfork. You can't forget about Ann Ewing, the third wife of Bobby Ewing, played by the charming Brenda Strong. She is talented in slinging a gun and riding a stalling. Ann fits in well with the line of beautiful women who know their way around the ranch.

Sharp, tactful, and menacing, the show Dallas will easily have you drawn and locked in week after week. The familiar and unfamiliar will keep you in a state of upheaval and you'll love every second of it. You never know what sneaky, underhanded, and conniving trick the Ewings have up their sleeve, and that's what helps keep the viewer guessing. All of the new female and male eye candy will also bring great appeal to the eye, and not to mention a bit of drool down the mouth. Dallas will have you continually on the edge of your seat, and in one fell swoop, you'll be sucked in by all of the Southern charm it exudes.

TNT knows its drama, and the continuation of this tumultuous show is right in line with that. One of the tag lines for Dallas says "keep your friends close and your family closer." With the Ewings, this line rings truer and truer every minute that they spend together. Dallas is a show that will suck both new and old viewers in and will once again have chatter set ablaze both at home and by the water cooler at work.