03/14/2012 10:59 am ET Updated May 14, 2012

Re-harmonizing Glee

For the past three seasons of Glee, the core cast has smitten fans around the world with their inner and outer beauty, as well as their phenomenal artistic and singing talents. This year, the third year of the show, new characters have been introduced and they have breathed a fresh new life into the show that will help transition the program when many of the leads take their final bow at the end of the season. Many of the characters are seniors this year and with the idea of the show possibly not having them as full focus, the additions the show has made with The Glee Project winners Damian McGinty and Samuel Larson and multitalented actress Vanessa Lengies, the show is flourishing and fueling the fire that continues to burn within fans. Along with the addition of Grant Gustin as Sebastian, the fresh blood that has been infused into Glee is really bringing fantastic flavor to this popular program.

As the sun is about to set on the 2011-2012 year of high school at McKinley High School for a number of the central characters, it looked a little bleak for die hard fans who have fallen in love with the characters. With the inspired show The Glee Project, which gives contestants the ability to vie for a chance for an arc on Glee, the ante has been raised to add a new dynamic to the program that has been a staple on TV in households across the United States and worldwide. The Glee Project has brought young and incredibly talented singers an opportunity of a lifetime, not only to showcase their singing talents, but it also provides a platform for them to flaunt their acting abilities -- a rarity nowadays which allows both. Fans have been enjoying McGinty's arc as Rory Flanagan, who is an Irish exchange student staying with Brittany (Heather Morris). Larsen has just started his arc on Glee as Joe Hart, a new student who just recently came to McKinley and is believed to be a sophomore. Even with Larsen appearing in a handful of episodes so far, fans have taken to his off the beaten path character.

Vanessa Lengies brings another fantastic level to the show as the character Sugar Motta. As a no nonsense, tough as nails teen (starting her role by boldly spouting her inner thoughts and claiming to have self-diagnosed Aspbergers) that gets whatever she wants by being a Daddy's Girl, Lengies' performance as Sugar is pure perfection and sugary sweet. While she may not have previously had much of a front role in many episodes, her background performances have been often times scene stealing with only slight movements or facial expressions. How could you not fawn over a character who says things like, "Don't sweat the small stuff. And it's all small stuff when you're rich." I have loved Lengies for many years, starting with her role as Roxanne on the hit show American Dreams and continuing with parts in films like Waiting and Stick It, and most recently with her endearing portrayal of Nurse Kelly Epson on the show Hawthorne. Now with her new role on Glee, she's permanently cemented her place in my heart. Lengies is a true chameleon who can transform herself with ease for her roles and she is given the phenomenal opportunity on this show to showcase her dramatic and comedic abilities which truly run deep. Most recently with the Valentine's Day episode of Glee, Lengies was front and center as her character Sugar held a dance at McKinley, funded by her father, where she had to choose between Artie and Rory as her date for the dance. Lengies is a phenomenal asset and is an added treat to any episode she is featured in.

Sebastian, played by Grant Gustin, though has been the new love-to-hate character on Glee and it's easy to see why. The Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) shippers have been highly protective of their favorite show couple and Sebastian made his move to try and break up the duo and steal Blaine away. Smooth talking, cocky and self-assured, Sebastian had a hold over Blaine that seemed like it might just tear the couple apart, but so far he hasn't succeeded. During the Michael Jackson tribute episode Sebastian continued to show his sinister side by tossing a slushie in Blaine's face. Gustin has been given a great range to portray and has certainly provided even more sex appeal to the show. Smooth dance moves, a silky voice and a naughty attitude, Sebastian seems born to be bad and fans continue to devour every delicious drop of it. Gustin's Sebastian should be smug, he knows he is the total package and he flaunts it and it propels his ego. Gustin packs a powerful punch and provides fans that tug of war between good and evil that fans crave.

If you're a die hard Gleek like I am, you'll be sad to see your favorite characters graduate. Thankfully, with the introduction of new characters that have seamlessly assimilated into this fan favorite show, hearts won't be broken for too long.