06/24/2013 02:06 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2013


Thursday nights are turning up the heat and making it full on scorching with the addition of Graceland on USA Network. You aren't going to want to miss one hot minute of this sexy sweltering hit show. USA Network truly knows how to bring the drama and they do it once more with this captivating new thriller. Every episode is packed with pure adrenaline and intensity, so you are not going to want to miss out on any heart pounding moments.

Every year the top graduates from the FBI Academy matriculate from classrooms into the real world. Agent Mike Warren (delectable Aaron Tveit) has dreamt of having a post in Washington, D.C., but the powers that be have other ideas and motives for him. They ship Mike off to a beachfront mansion in Southern California where the FBI, DEA and Customs agents living there call the place Graceland. Mike was top in his class, but he gets quite the rude awakening when he becomes a roommate to some of the nation's top agents. Especially when he is taken under the wing by legendary agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata at his supreme finest). But remember, this is a team of experts, and what you see may not always be what you get. They aren't trained just to do their jobs, they are also trained in the art of deception and the lines of good, bad, right and wrong may end up blurring.

Briggs has been a legend at Quantico and is one of the very few graduates who Mike did not put score on his practical exams. Briggs is tough as nails and his years of service have hardened him even more. Mike is by the book and that is not how the game is played in Briggs' line of fire. When Mike saves an undercover operation from going from bad to worse and takes down a small time dealer with a Russian crime family, he starts to earn some respect from his housemates and learns how life outside the classroom is anything but textbook. In fact, he learns his first day to throw the textbook out because it can get you killed. Street smarts, common sense, and learning to play the target and the situation will come in far handier.

The entire cast is an effortless piece in one larger incredible puzzle. Tveit can smolder like no other and Sunjata's brooding makes for fiery sexiness. Tveit isn't just easy on the eyes; his confidence and cockiness come naturally and seem to seep through the television screen. Pairing Tveit and Sunjata together is like watching poetry in motion, these two compliment each other so well, it's like they are each other's shadow. Manny Montana is spicy as Johnny Turturro and keeps the laughs flowing and the good times rolling. Vanessa Ferlito and Serinda Swan are serious Femme fatales. Ferlito's ability to sling cut downs and snark is on a whole other level. She is like a gunslinger in the Wild West, quick on the draw! Swan is becoming quite the action adventurer with her current role on Graceland and previous role on the show Breakout Kings. Swan knows how to sparkle and how to get down and dirty.

Wild rides and thrills are in high demand when you tune in to Graceland. What makes this show stand out is that the entire cast is one cohesive unit. The chemistry clicks, the stories, both for individual characters and as an ensemble, keep you invested week after week. Plotlines and character development don't come to finality at the end of each episode. There is a continuation that grows and swells which allows the viewer to invest themselves in a show that will eventually come full circle knowing that the waiting is the best part. Anticipation can be hard and can eat away at you, but that's what makes the best shows, when you can't stand the wait for an all-new episode. Graceland has that addiction, the rush and cravability.

Graceland gives you action, suspense, drama and a reason to be parked on your couch every Thursday night. Put in the time slot right after USA Network's other fast paced show Burn Notice, the two shows pair well for a night guaranteed with back-to-back can't miss programs! USA Network absolutely knows how to wine and dine their audiences. This network provides seemingly endless eye candy for the masses and exceptional shows that will grip you and leave you with a strong desire for more.

Graceland has that spark that ignites like a wild fire every time you tune in. It pulls out all of the stops and packs a hell of a punch episode after episode. It may just be making its mark, but this show and cast are going to be around for quite a while. Get comfortable and prepare to be blown away by the intensity. Crash into this powerful program that will have you locked, loaded and ready to prowl with the cast of Graceland.