04/28/2012 02:45 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2012

Losing Sight

She's currently a sleep-deprived mother with a glock, but she never misses a step! On In Plain Sight Mary Shannon has always been sharp as a tack and on her game when it comes to her job as a US Marshall for WITSEC and protecting her family. Nothing can seemingly break her stride even though she is constantly tested. In the shows final season, Mary and her partner Marshall Mann keep things so fast-paced and full of snark that long-time fans will sorely be missing this hilarious and dramatic show that's provided action, suspense, an a whole lot of sarcasm!

Season after season Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller have had show fans glued to their seat with not just the chemistry that is always at the surface of their relationship, but also the thrilling action that rocks through each episode. This duo has always shared what seems to fans as more than just a friendship and bond. Their kinship and devotion to not just protecting their witness has continually had fans ablaze with chatter of will they or won't they hook up romantically. With Marshall's recent announcement of his engagement, it may only end up being just chatter. Wherever the relationship cards may fall for these two, it is easy to see they will always be an important part of one another's lives.

In just a few weeks, In Plain Sight will have the sun set on this roller coaster ride of a program. Mary McCormack has breathed life into a strong, vivacious, and dedicated female figure for young girls to look up to. McCormack can seemingly do it all without breaking a sweat. She is definitely a fantastic role model for young actresses to aspire to! Weller is a man with great motivation and provides a magnificent support system as a partner on the show and outside of it. Weller has some fantastic acting chops that allows him to tread the ultra thin fine line of being both poignant and charismatic. The man enjoys spouting Shakespeare for goodness sake! It's evident that the duo have a love for one another that extends beyond just character portrayal. The camaraderie and the genuine care are a shining attribute that isn't always clear in television casts. When Weller and McCormack take their final bow in the last episode of In Plain Sight, fans will mourn the loss of the unbreakable bond between this dynamic duo on and off screen.

While Weller and McCormack's characters may be learning a lesson or two on screen, the viewers (as the voyeur) are able to soul search and reflect on what these lessons mean to them in their life as well. The intro and outro to In Plain Sight always has a voiceover of McCormack's character providing some insight or commentary on a life lesson. These lessons can bolster the spirits of the downtrodden and rejuvenate a lackluster Friday night. It seems as though these gems not only apply to the Mary or Marshall's characters in the particular episode or their WITSEC charges, but it provides a weekly jolt that leaves fans with baited breath anticipation for what's to come the next week. And with the show coming to a close, fans need to savor every last moment and lesson that they get.

In Plain Sight and the tremendously talented leads will be leaving a legacy on television. McCormack will be leaving an imprint to young female fans that you really can juggle life, career, and love. In Plain Sight has had a fantastic ride on the USA Network and when the sun sets in Albuquerque, Mary and Marshall will still have one another. That's the best ending to a show and partnership that fans could ask for.