01/29/2013 05:34 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2013

Showing Off

Brash, brazen... and now she's live! Kathy Griffin and her staff of merry misfits are back for season two of her hit talk show Kathy. While season one may have been about her getting her sea legs, season two is in full control filled with a new bag of tricks for her celebrity and non-celebrity guests as well as her audience. Kathy is unabashed and doesn't make any apologies for it, and that is a lot of why I adore her so. Her theme song really does capture it all, she'll say it for you! Whatever you're thinking, she's probably thinking the same thing, but putting a voice to it and more than likely making it five times dirtier. Season one's platform had mostly her friends, family or neighbors, for season two,Kathy has put a new twist on her shtick and you're going to want to come well-prepared when you tune in.

Always up on current events, popular celebrities and gossip, Kathy puts it all front and center. She has a brand-new segment called "This Just In," where she focuses on hot topics that range anywhere from Michelle Obama's bangs to a deal at Subway. Everything Kathy says is completely live and the censors have come ready for her with their fingers hotly pressed against their button. Anything and anyone goes on this no-nonsense talk show that will have you in stitches and chatting about the latest Kathy episode for days. Everyone is fair game, including her hard-working staff, and they all seem to end up as pawns in Kathy's daily game of comedic chess. Fans of Kathy Griffin really wouldn't want it any other way -- at least I wouldn't. In a world full of talk shows that hock the latest trends in fashion, health or food, Kathy is pure escapism and entertainment, which is everything I look for after a long day at work.

Season two of Kathy includes her celebrity friends as guests, as well as non-friends who are hot in Hollywood, and they all come well-prepared. Kathy also hasn't forgotten her average-joe friends or neighbors either; they still fill frequent positions on her couch as well. Topics of discussion never shy away from being hot and steamy or off the cuff. Kathy may or may not have an arsenal of talking points, but that doesn't mean she will be sticking to them. That's a true key to a successful show, unscripted and raw catches both the celebrities and the audience off guard as well as keeps them perpetually on their toes. You won't see what's being said coming, and that's why you have to keep your eyes and ears finely tuned so you don't miss a moment.

What's amazing is that the staff of Kathy never misses a beat and seemingly is always game for Kathy to do her worst to them. Actually, a lot of her celebrity guests seem to be that way as well! Whether Kathy is reenacting moments from reality shows' most twisted or dramatic programs or even putting her audience and/or guests on the spot, viewers are guaranteed a great deal of heavy laughter and their cheeks hurting from smiles. When you tune in to an episode of Kathy you can't have any expectations, because within the first few minutes they will totally be shattered. Creative, provocative and cunning, Kathy Griffin is a comedic talent who can't be tamed, and no one should ever even try. Censors may have her perpetually on their radar, but it's all a part of the magical wild ride you get with her sensational talk show.

The Bravo network struck gold when they signed on to let Kathy Griffin host her own late-night talk show. You can't beat her 10 p.m. time slot, which allows her to take aim at the world without limitations. Thursday nights have never been funnier, and watching Kathy is the best way to transition into a happy Friday and glorious weekend. You can't keep a smile off of your face when Kathy gives you the juiciest gossip, latest celebrity low down or her opinion on the world at large. Even when she lampoons her own mother, Maggie Griffin, you can't help but just sit back and enjoy the roller coaster.

Kathy is a smart, sharp and devilish delight every Thursday on Bravo. Kathy Griffin brings her art and craft to another level with her hilarious talk show that is not to be missed. Fresh, funny and fierce, Kathy Griffin provides a new spin to talk shows and lets her viewers and audiences in on all the fun. Kathy packs a punch to jump-start your heart and your weekend. A true comedy chameleon, Kathy Griffin takes TV talk shows outside of the box, and viewers on a crazy trip. If you're afraid to say it, Kathy will gladly be your voice, and be the talk of the town.