03/19/2013 01:41 pm ET Updated May 19, 2013

Life on Mars

It's been six years since the television show Veronica Mars went off the TV airways, but the cult following that the show acquired during it's three years on air has never dissipated.

The teen-centered drama about a girl living in Neptune, California being raised by a single father who was kicked out of office as county sheriff and her trusty dog Backup. The character of Veronica Mars was tough-as-nails and sarcastic as all hell. She spent her days after school, and sometimes during, investigating her best friend's mysterious murder all the while uncovering more than she ever would have bargained for. Veronica Mars was a landmark show that showcased heightened drama and nail-biting thrills that kept you on edge and begging for more every time. In the current era of programs that are riddled with teens dealing with fashion, pregnancy, vampires and more, it's even more necessary that a Veronica Mars movie be made to bring back the true teen perspective, vitality and nuance that has been sorely lacking in many of todays teen based shows.

Recently Rob Thomas, writer/creator of Veronica Mars, and lead actress Kristen Bell announced that there was a Kickstarter effort happening in order to fund a Veronica Mars movie. News spread like wild fire over the Internet and now the production most certainly is going to be made with $2 million raised in all of just one day! In fact, it was the fastest Kickstarter project to hit the $1 million mark! The movie even set the record for highest goal that has ever been achieved (other Kickstarter projects have done better than the Veronica Mars movie, so far, but none have set such a high goal as $2 million). As the money still keeps rolling in, the hype over the movie continues to grow and expand and rightfully so. After years of endless gossip, rumors, and fans sending seemingly endless emails to an address that went all but nowhere, it seems that the tide has changed! Neptune will be rising again like a phoenix and so will the epic fandom that has kept this phenomenal show nestled in their hearts for years. It never lay dormant; it was always bursting at the seams ready to capitalize on any opportunity that sparked.

It has not been released what the storyline will revolve around, but show fans, and fans of the Logan (Jason Dohring) and Veronica relationship pairing, are beyond thrilled over all of the possibilities for their favorite pairing. It is also a chance of a lifetime to resume the chemistry, intrigue and scandal that rocked every episode of the hit show Veronica Mars. It has been teased that a few core cast members -- who they would like or hope to have -- will be involved. I, for one, am waiting with bated breath for daily updates on the progress of the movie, cast, story and crew. Hopefully, the possibility that they may even include a fan favorite or two of whose character passed on during the show's airing.

So far, the Veronica Mars movie team has scheduled L.A., New York, and Texas premieres, with after parties to celebrate the film's epic success. As the buzz continues to swell there is plenty of time left to make a donation and become a part of the show, and film, legacy. You can pretty much donate whatever amount of money you would like, but with bigger bucks come bigger rewards. If you are willing to go down a steep end, you can be rewarded with such treasures as a signed film poster, background or foreground role in the movie, and much more! It's just the tip of the iceberg for a movie that is going to be one of the most anticipated independent projects of the year.

With the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter success, fans are hoping that other canceled shows will take the film's lead and make movie magic as well. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena, Charmed and Gilmore Girls have seemingly been the most vocal about wanted efforts after the huge announcement about Veronica Mars. Hopefully more show runners from departed programs will take notice and take the opportunity and run with it. The possibilities with any show that has gone to television heaven really are endless now with Kickstarter and other funding websites.

They always say that where there is a will, there is a way. And the way that the Veronica Mars movie is picking up speed, the fans will be enjoying the payoff of the film's labor of love in the very near future. With teen shows focused less on substance and more on style these days, maybe networks should take a good look once again at Veronica Mars and learn some lessons. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and never underestimate the power that fans truly hold.