01/10/2012 12:04 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2012

Payback with Precision

There is a famous and well known proverb that says, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." I think someone forgot to tell that to the writers of the new Fall drama "Revenge," because every Wednesday night, they serve large helpings full hot and steamy! I wouldn't want it any other way because this guilty pleasure that has lodged in the hearts of viewers as one of the 2011 Fall TV darlings continues to make Wednesday nights dominate.

Emily VanCamp stole the hearts of fans when she played Amy Abbott on "Everwood" and showed growth and maturity as Rebecca Harper on "Brothers & Sisters." Now she's making a new name for herself as a maven of mystery on the sparkling show "Revenge." VanCamp plays the shrewd and cunning Emily Thorne who is taking down one person at a time who has wronged her and her father. Set in the lavish Hamptons, no one is safe from Thorne's menacing vengeance, and audiences are devouring every episode to the very last drop! VanCamp has found a way to transfix viewers with her deeply rooted talent, her flawless delivery of the masterful lines written by the show's writers, and her effervescent chemistry with the cast. Quips, snark, wit, and disdain all drip from the mouths of the core cast and it is part of what makes tuning in to this show a definite must. VanCamp has no doubt cemented her celebrity status with this role, and both she and the show have garnered well deserved attention that most certainly should continue throughout 2012. "Revenge" has been nominated for Favorite New TV Drama for the 2012 People's Choice Awards, and it seems that it may very well be a shoe in to win this coveted award.

Tuning in to even just one episode of this smoldering show you'll be hooked within the first few minutes. The writing is quick, sharp, and tactful and every move the characters make is deliciously calculated to perfection. Stylish and sleek, both the wardrobe and the setting prove to be amazing assets visually and aesthetically. Both have their own intricate role in the sophisticated plot that never fails to bring a twist and turn to the story. Lavish lifestyle aside, the core characters have their own way of manipulating not just each other, but the viewer as well. Crafty characters like Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Tyler (Ashton Holmes) know how to lock in audiences with their conniving and sinister underlying agendas. These two have a few cruel intentions of their own which play out like a beautifully danced ballet. With the latest addition of Margarita Levieva as the evolving Amanda who has quite the unsavory background, this show will have you continually on the edge of your seat. The ultimate divine ice queen is Madeleine Stowe who plays Victoria Grayson. She can seemingly steal the entire episode just by walking around with a smile on her face as if she was the cat that ate the canary. Her Cheshire grin can you fool as you never know what actually lies behind it. It's easy to see why this show was one of the most buzzed about before any of the episodes had even aired!

Another well known quote states that "Revenge is sweet," and after watching this show, I couldn't agree more. Lust, wealth, and retribution take center stage in "Revenge" every Wednesday night on ABC. Don't miss a breathtaking moment of this unstoppable drama that will seduce, entrance, and rivet you throughout all sixty minutes of this heart pounding program. Give your Wednesday nights a jolt of sin by using your killer instincts to exact some "Revenge!"