08/25/2014 05:38 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2014

A Rescue Pet Sees Her Best Friend

The videos online of soldiers coming home from overseas deployment after months and sometimes even years to be greeted by their pets who missed them are among some of the most loving, joyful, heartfelt, and over excited moments you could ever watch. A dogs love knows no bounds.

Fergie may not be greeting a friend coming back from overseas deployment, but Fergie is a rescue dog. Fergie was found at six months old wandering the streets. Luckily she was rescued, where she spent three years waiting for the perfect family to adopt her. In that three year wait Fergie had an extremely dedicated best friend, a man named Rob. Rob visited every Saturday & Sunday for three years while Fergie was there. Fergie was adopted in Fall of 2013.

Just this past week Fergie got a surprise visit from her best friend after months of not seeing each other, and a memory to last a life time.

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