12/08/2014 11:45 am ET Updated Feb 07, 2015

Cute Ducks Waddling and Saving the World

This video of individuals saving ducks lives just made my Monday. One of the most inspiring animal videos I've seen, focuses not on animals looking sad and in pain, who watches those anyway? I turn off the TV as soon as I see a sad looking animal. The heroics people take in their daily lives to save these wonderful ducks and their ducklings is truly inspiring.

This video, created by Animals Australia, received 90 million views and almost two million shares on Facebook in 10 days. It isn't just a video to make you smile but focuses on a message, to end duck shooting in Victoria.

Individuals who hunt for fun, and kill innocent, beautiful animals for pleasure I find to be among the worst people on Earth.

"The video was created as part of a campaign to help convince the Labor party in Victoria to change their policy on duck shooting," Chalk said. "Through this video we wanted to show politicians that overwhelmingly, people want our native waterbirds to be protected, not shot out of the sky in the name of 'sport'."

Watch and be inspired to take action in everyday situations, ducks or not.
Chris Stallone