02/05/2015 09:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dog With Horrific Injuries Finds a Home!

Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) was called in to an emergency veterinary clinic right before Christmas. When they arrived, they were shocked by what they saw: a stray dog with a choke collar embedded in his neck. The collar was so far in that the skin had actually started growing over it. Vets had to cut the collar off in pieces to pull it out.


The situation was made worse by massive infections. Vets removed as much dead tissue and infection as they could and also ran a drain from the dog's chest to get rid of excess fluid.


The stray was named Kringle and stayed at the vet for a week to recover. Kringle was then brought to TAF, where staff and volunteers helped him recover.

TAF recently announced that Kringle, after a long recovery, was officially adopted! He found a family that loves everything about him. A heartfelt "thank you" to the vets, TAF, Kringle's forever family, and especially Kringle for remaining so brave and loving after all his torment.



To the scumbag of a person who did this to a sweet, loving animal: There is a special place reserved for you, and animal activists will never stop fighting people like you.

Image source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook

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