12/09/2014 11:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hound Abandoned After Family Gets New Puppy

During my time working at animal shelters, and volunteering I have met some of the most amazing people, strong, dedicated, absolutely committed to making homeless animals lives better. Unfortunately I have also met some of the worst people humanity has to offer.

"I can't keep my pet, because I'm moving to a different state." I've heard this story more times than I ever wanted. People come in, give this sorry excuse and just dump their pet, without a look back, no tears shed. I'll confront these people: "They don't allow dogs/cats in other states?" Then the coward will twist their story around to make themselves feel better about themselves, trying to make the animal look like the bad guy.

"I'm having a baby, so I can't keep my pet." This just leaves you flabbergasted, pets are actually good for newborn babies. You had a pet, and you took care of it like a child, and as soon as another one enters your life you get rid of it? What are these people going to do when having a second child, get rid of your first? I hope karma gets revenge on these "parents." Namely when they have grandchildren, their children decide they can no longer take care of their parents and submit them to a home and never visit.


Just today, at the shelter I came across a beautiful hound mix named Skye. Four years old, sweetest temperament ever. Simply a sweetheart. Her story? Well her "family" got a new puppy, so what they decide to do? Bring Skye to get euthanized at 4 years old! Old one out, new one in. Luckily the shelter stepped in and took her from the family. Now she has a chance with someone who will actually love her. If her awful "family" whom dumped her ever reads this, do you know what Skye did all day today? Cried and howled in her kennel all day, endlessly.

Imagine somebody getting rid of you because they got something shiny and new. Best of all people don't care, they look at giving up their pets whom have loved them unconditionally like returning a sweater to a store. They don't care, just walk away.

You don't get into the rescue business for the people, obviously, you're there for the animals. The revelations they awaken you too, still loving, no hatred, no rage at being dumped, just endless hope and love their shower upon their rescuer. Some lose hope, I've seen dumped pets heartbroken, but somehow, they get up, they get adopted, and find truly amazing families who treat them like true family, not a disposable item.

These people who come and take in pets like this are heroes in the truest sense. The ones whom dump pets they are well what we in rescue call idiots.
Chris Stallone