10/23/2015 05:40 pm ET Updated Oct 23, 2016

Entire Bridal Party Surprises Bride And Groom With Epic Flash Mob Wedding Dance

By Amber James, writer at

It's time to put on your dancing shoes on and get the party started! At least that's what one bridal party did recently for one bride and groom!

As the couple listened to the bridesmaids give a wedding toast, they were completely shocked as they dropped their microphones and started to boogie.

"Putting together a successful flash mob dance takes coordination, skill, practice, and months of prep. This one took place at Skylar and Daniel's wedding and included all of the bridal party, most of whom don't live in the same state!" wedding photographer Michael Justin Porco wrote in the video's YouTube caption.

"Watch as they pull it off and surprise our bride and groom!"

We're used to seeing brides and grooms break out in amazing dances at their wedding, but seeing an entire bridal party pull off a flash mob and completely surprise the newlyweds is one epic fête!

Everyone dances to a variety of pop hits before the big finale set to Spice Girls' hit "Stop," when they pull Daniel and Skylar onto the dance floor.

According to Porco, "The end was choreographed when Skylar was younger. She and the rest of her sisters and cousins had been performing it for years! Dan knew it after seeing it so many times."

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