09/17/2012 10:58 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2012

Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 2013

Sometimes saying a collection is "completely wearable" is the kiss of death. It typically implies the clothes are basic, pedestrian, and nothing special. But when I tell you that the Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 2013 collection was "completely wearable," it's because I'd like nothing more than to fill my closet with the chic, edgy and unique designs that could take me from the office to out on the town.

Ronson has translated the current sheer, cut-out and futuristic fabrication trends into a subtly sexy collection--filled with ocean-influenced hues of blue, green, pink and yellow. Inspired by water, specifically an ocean print that is woven throughout the collection, Ronson kept the silhouettes clean and modern, with fluid curves that are reminiscent of waves.

With multiple fashion week shows and a JC Penny collection under her belt, Ronson has quite a style resume (and a bit of gossip) attached to her illustrious name. It is plainly evident that she has finally found a perfect balance of quirky-cool edge and sophistication this season, thanks to the tranquility of water that has apparently permeated not only her style, but also her personality.

Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 2013

Photo credit -- Wireimage