02/27/2012 07:23 am ET Updated Apr 27, 2012

Meryl's Humblebrag: A Teachable Moment For Moms

"Oh, come on...her... again?!"

With those words, the now three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep sent the Twitterverse a-hashtaggin' this: #Humblebrag.

I'd never seen the word before. Apparently, I've been living under a rock, because the word itself has its own Twitter account. For those of you also not familiar, it means disguising your gloat under a cheap, ill-fitting "aw, shucks" wig. I admit I've done it myself on occasion.

And it got me thinking.

There are no Academy Awards for mothers. No red carpets, no amazing Tom Ford capes (I really wish there were at least some Tom Ford capes), no winners, and no acceptance speeches. And because there is no fancy public recognition ceremony, a lot of moms go about seeking validation the only way readily available to them -- their plethora of social media accounts.

"So sad my size two skinny jeans from last year don't fit. #helloyogapants"

"Grrrr... still at the office. This Mega-Important Career Where I Make Buckets of Money means being late for carpool AGAIN."

"Just whipped up free range Beef Wellington (gluten-free) w/ vegan gorgonzola sauce, fermented my own pinot noir and grew the organic pineapple for the upside-down cake 4 dinner... Sorry undies, I guess the laundry will have to get done next week :("

Enough, my friends. It's high time moms stop hiding behind the #humblebrags and just step up and let the world know that they're damn proud of themselves. I'd much rather cheer you on than roll my eyes. No one's falling for the false modesty act, anyways. Why do so many of us feel we have to hide our achievements behind fakey failure?

I'll start right now: I think it's rad that you are reading my words on The Huffington Post, and I'm very proud of it.

What are you not sorry to #mombrag about?

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