03/22/2012 01:43 pm ET Updated May 22, 2012

Women in Comedy Festival, Day 1

It's day one of the Women in Comedy Festival and I can't wait to be back in Boston. The festival is taking place on both sides of the river, which sounds surprisingly spread out to my newly-acquired Midwestern sensibilities, but the fact is that all venues are in fairly close proximity to each other and the shockingly warm weather will make navigating Boston and Cambridge a pleasure.

This is the fourth Women in Comedy Festival and the third I've attended. I'm looking forward to seeing the brilliant Carol Leifer and Wendy Liebman, the Jane Morris-founded All Girl Revue, and Kelly MacFarland, whose act I haven't caught in years. I'm also looking forward to seeing the The Mo Show and Harry Roasts America, two acts that ran in my metaphorical backyards but that I never quite managed to catch, although not for lack of trying. Arden Myrin is performing in three shows and I'm not sure which one I'll go to, but I'll definitely make it to one of them. My last must-see is Janey Godley, who traveled all the way from Scotland to take part in a festival of funny ladies during Women's History Month.

There are five nights of comedy, two days of workshops and a slew of old friends in my immediate future, and I couldn't be more excited about it. Now I just need to get myself on that plane -- Logan airport, you've never looked more beautiful to me than you do right now.