11/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Mercury Retrograde Renders Sarah Palin Even More Incoherent

Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin had trouble navigating through an interview with Katie Couric -- and there was the 700 billion dollar bailout resolution which couldn't have come at a worse time: Astrologer Liz Rose knows why and explains how the stars influence even our national politics.

It's that time again, when Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde, a time when Mercury appears to be moving backward, at least from our perspective on Earth. This phenomenon, which occurs about three times a year for about three weeks is notorious for communications gone awry. People have trouble expressing themselves and making themselves understood, just because normal thought processes tend to be out of sync with the standard progression of events.

Other manifestation of Mercury Retrograde are delays in plans due to the need to review, rethink or reanalyze a situation that doesn't have real clarity at the moment. Today's particular Mercury Retrograde period began on Sept. 24 and will continue until Oct. 15, though its influences can already be felt days before and after the two cusp dates. Though the entire period is challenging for communications, travel and decision-making, the day of, before and after the two cusp dates (in this case, Sept. 23 - 25 and Oct. 14 - 16) are especially chaotic, leading to poor expression, incoherence and misunderstandings. Those who watched the video clip of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin's rambling and disjointed interview with Katie Couric on September 25 witnessed this.

But overshadowing this interview was the 700 billion dollar bailout resolution, which could not have come at a worst time. Proposed just as Mercury was preparing to retrograde, the plan had no chance for quick approval. Delays, misunderstandings, review and reanalysis should only have been expected, as Mercury changing directions tends to impede the natural flow and progression of communication and decision-making. To get a more clear picture of Mercury Retrograde, one must only recall words beginning with re: restart, resume, review, renegotiate, rethink, retract, reschedule, etc. It's the best time for reevaluation and the worst time for initiating and making major decisions. (Decisions made during Mercury Retrograde tend to have to be revised or renegotiated at a later date, due to misunderstandings.)

After many recesses, it seemed the rescue plan, or resolution, would finally pass, after much review, several renegotiated points and resounding reminders of a disastrous recession from the Oracle of Omaha. Instead, it was rejected and there is talk of a re-vote.

Perusing news headlines around Sept. 24 and 25, typical Mercury Retrograde fare included the following: the recall of Chinese products, Republican Presidential nominee John McCain's attempt to renege on the first Presidential debate (which was rebuffed by Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama), photographer Bert Stern suing for the return of Marilyn photos, the resuming of talks on the Bailout Plan, and a computer glitch that delayed UK flights. (Mercury retrograde is also infamous for electronic or mechanical breakdown and delays.)

Then there was the Katie Couric-Sarah Palin interview which took place on Sept. 25, the day after Mercury turned retrograde. Viewers who caught Palin in her network debut with ABC's Charlie Gibson on September 11 (safely out of the Mercury Retrograde period) had no trouble perceiving Sarah Palin's inability to formulate logical answers to straight-forward questions, if she even answered the questions at all. But the Katie Couric interview of Sept. 25, in which Palin was even more confused, illogical and adrift, helped to re-establish what viewers probably began to suspect after seeing her interview with Gibson: not only does she have great difficulty clarifying herself and answering questions, she is ignorant about global affairs, does not understand many significant issues at a deeper level and is unqualified to hold the high office of VP.

The Couric-Palin video clip, which is being replayed over and over again, even eliciting Youtubed heated remarks from celebrity Matt Damon, will remain in the minds of reluctant Americans as they do what comes naturally during a Mercury Retrograde period: rethink, reassess, and reanalyze, in this case, the prospect of Sarah Palin as VP (and the previously conceived notion that she is bright and charismatic). A blessing for the Obama team, Palin's interview should help Obama re-establish a firm lead in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, Palin should use this Mercury Retrograde period to reread her notes, review important doctrines and current/past foreign policy decision, rethink her answers to inevitable questions (it's a good time to retool her Russian foreign policy rhetoric, too) before the Vice Presidential debate on October 2 (if it is not rescheduled) and reflect more deeply before opening her mouth and making embarrassing gaffes. Her aides, too, should take advantage of this period to regroup, rethink the Sarah Palin effect, retrain her where necessary and review ways to help Palin restore the self-confidence she displayed during her strong (scripted) performance at the Republican convention. (A repeat of Palin's muddled responses during the upcoming debate with Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden could lead to more whispers of replacing Palin on the ticket.)

Once Mercury is back in full-swing forward motion around Oct. 19, most Americans will have made the decision about which candidate to vote for on November 4th. But, until then, we are still in a period of reassessment.

One thing is certain during this particular Mercury retrograde period- McCain is harboring serious regrets about having chosen Sarah Palin as running mate.

Liz Rose is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the author of Beddazled! An Astrological Guide to Earthly Bliss With Your Man (translated into four foreign languages) and is a part-time resident of NYC. She is registered as an Independent.