10/03/2012 11:16 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2012

Multi-Screen Consumption Behavior Heightens Hispanic Purchasing Power

I am proud to represent Terra, the leader in the Hispanic digital and mobile space and the presenting partner of the multicultural track at N.Y. Advertising Week 2012.

As a leading source for research on Hispanic digital consumer behavior, Terra understands the impact that multiculturalism will have on the future of digital consumption. We are thrilled to partner with N.Y. Advertising Week to present the multicultural track, a series of panel sessions with industry experts who will share personal insights and market intelligence.

One key learning of Terra's Third Hispanic Digital Consumer Study by comScore is that Hispanics live a multicultural life within a multi-screen reality, in which mobile devices are an extension of themselves. This is truly exciting and vital for marketers and industry professionals, as it has many implications for how to better communicate and connect with a demographic group that already accounts for a large portion of the population and purchasing power growth in the U.S. today and in the foreseeable future.

According to the study, Hispanics outpace non-Hispanic consumers in terms of smartphone ownership -- with 57 percent of Hispanic consumers possessing smartphones vs. 46 percent of non-Hispanics. This is also reflected in online connection via portable devices, considering that 48 percent of Hispanics access the Internet from their smartphone as opposed to just 38 percent of non-Hispanics. These numbers show how digitally connected Hispanics are, using their smartphones to shop, watch live shows, manage their finances and perform many other tasks from virtually anywhere on these devices.

Terra's study reveals that the Hispanic consumer continues to set the standards for digital consumption. As early adopters of new technology, they are trendsetters and risk-takers. Their consumption behavior is an indicator of the emerging importance of mobile devices for every-day experiences that go beyond communication and social interaction. Hispanics are using smart phones and tablets not only to purchase products and services but to make their friends and family part of their purchasing decision on a broad spectrum of product categories. These include Automotive, CPG, Entertainment, Financial Services/Insurance, QSR, Retail, Technology and Telecommunications. You can download the highlights of the study at

I am very excited to participate in two of the multicultural panels, "The Ad Clubs' Multicultural Agency C-Suite Summit" and "A Multicultural View in a Multi-Screen World: A Deep Dive into Hispanic Marketing, Mobile and Digital Strategies" and, as a moderator, fuel the conversation on these very important topics.

The track presented by Terra also includes other sessions such as "Arrival of English Language Dominant Hispanics: the Storm Before the Calm," "She's Gonna Have It: Black Women -- Their Money, Mindset, & Motivators," and "Bridging the Gap Between Cultures and Brands: the Ultimate Power Trip." The panelists will highlight important themes in multicultural marketing such as language preference and cross-cultural advertising.

Please join us for the Multicultural Track, starting at 8:30 a.m. on 10/04 at the Liberty Theater (234 West 42nd Street, New York, N.Y.) for an enlightening experience and a full immersion into multiculturalism and marketing.

Terra is the leading global digital media company that reaches a monthly audience of over 100 million people in 19 countries across the U.S., Latin America and Europe, through multiple screens and devices. Visit Terra at