01/17/2013 10:32 am ET Updated Mar 19, 2013

Cher to Have Closed Deal With Logo Network

"FEW THINGS are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example," said Mark Twain.

  • INTERESTING NEWS that the one and only Cher is reportedly closing a deal with the Logo Network to produce (and maybe appear in) a series set in the early 1960s. Perhaps, considering the era, it will be based on her own and Sonny Bono's climb to the top in the recording business?

    We shall see. However it turns out, it has to be better than the programming that Logo currently foists on its audience. It is a disgrace and embarrassment to all gay, lesbian and transgender people, not to mention trees, rocks, insects and extraterrestrials.

    Logo could make an important, serious difference. It chooses not to. Maybe Cher will be its salvation.
  • "SOLID BUT UNSPECTACULAR" is how Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher has performed so far. Some industry insiders say "solid" is not enough to guarantee another Reacher film or a new Cruise franchise in the manner of all the Mission Impossible movies. But don't despair, those of you who got over the "inappropriateness" of Tom Cruise's casting and enjoyed the movie. Tom, like Greta Garbo back in the day, is an even bigger star overseas than he is in the U.S. Paramount is counting on record grosses in Japan and China where Tom is a mega-mega-mega draw. If that happens, Tom will be back again as Jack Reacher.
  • IN WEST Hollywood, five guys often lunch or dine together at Café 50. The famous are Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill, Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow. This quintet spends several hours tossing around ideas for movies, cracking jokes (hopefully to be included in a movie), and generally acting like the young fellows in the movie Diner. Except this group is older and more on track about their lives. (Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner are also regulars at Café 50. Though they don't join the fellows.) One funny thing. Adam Sandler invariably brings his own salad from home, citing a healthier lifestyle. Then he orders a Rocky Road Shake after.
  • MAYBE Taylor Swift was just kidding when a recent tweet from her suggested she had already written five songs about her breakup with One Direction band-boy Harry Styles. (The pair had an epic one-month relationship.) This is getting to be a joke, even for Taylor's devoted fans -- all these "my-man-went-off-and-left me" dirges in the wake of her inevitably unsatisfying romances.

    Perhaps her next song should be titled, "It's Not Them, It's Me." Even if she doesn't believe it, it would be original.

    Suggestion -- Taylor should just cool off on love for a while. Read a book. But skip Anna Karenina or Madam Bovary.
  • GENERALLY I LEAVE discussion of who wore what, good or bad at awards shows to E!'s Fashion Police or to the very funny people at online's D-Listed site.

    But I couldn't let Eva Longoria's Golden Globe leg go unnoted. We all recall Angelina Jolie's odd one-legged pose last year. But Longoria out-limbed Angie. Mostly because Eva looked so self-conscious on the red-carpet. "See my leg... see my leg." She wasn't even smiling, so concentrated was she on flexing that limb to taut and arched perfection. Quite funny.

    WHAT's an old girl like me doing writing about a book titled Saying Good-bye to Your Prostate?I confess, it's a sticky wicket for a column like this one.
  • But this young guy Jamie Mackenzie contacted me and told me how he had written a decidedly outside-the-box journal on how to beat prostate cancer and laugh while doing it.  (Having remembered a serious book that the excellent writer Michael Korda wrote on the same subject, I winced and recalled that though I admired the heartfelt writing, it hadn't been funny in any way.)      

    Now I have gone through Jamie's work and the guy has transcended himself. He reminded me that 85 percent of the buyers of this type of book are women. And they do it for the men in their life. So maybe you should think about this. The book is short, it has a big readable typeface, and it is both reassuring and irreverent with comical drawings by Lisa Schwartz that head each chapter.      

    If caught early, prostate cancer is 100 percent curable. So for what's it's worth to the nation's health and happiness, I'm glad to transcend being one of those columnists offending you. People are always telling me to stick to show business, but my life isn't all entertainment.      

    Whether you agree or not, here is one author who has personal knowledge and he believes that PSA testing should begin for men at age 35, not at 50! You can contact the author at Box 3, Taconic, CT 06079.