09/18/2014 07:01 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2014

"Glass Onion" Celebrates the Great John Lennon

"LOSS IS nothing but change, and change is nature's delight," said the Roman Emperor and renowned Stoic, Marcus Aurelius.

•ON October 15th, at NYC's Union Square Theater Lennon: Through A Glass Onion opens. This is an internationally acclaimed event that celebrates the life and work of John Lennon.

Glass Onion has been created and is performed by actor/musical John R. Waters and singer/pianist Stewart D'Arrietta. The show features 31 Lennon compositions, as well as monologues melding Lennon's life and genius. For info call 212-764-7900.

•I NOW know that The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, which I wrote about the other day, is actually a three part movie. Okay -- I'll do my best to catch them all. I want to be fair to this ambitious venture. But as one of my readers commented, "They are amazing, but honestly who has the time or patience?!"

•IN my favorite café, as usual, the Veau d'Or, chatting up a longtime friend Patrica Bosworth. Years ago, before anybody else thought to do it; Patty wrote terrific biographies about two of Hollywood's most unusual bad boys -- I do mean Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift. Her book about the eccentric photographer
Diane Arbus is another keeper.

I asked her the question writers always hate, "What are you working on next?" She said, "Oh, my early career as an actor. You know, I'll be dealing with our mutual friend the late Elaine Stritch." (I didn't know. This was more Stritch lore! Knowing Elaine for only 60 odd years, I was still in the dark about some of her past.)

At the time of greeting Patty, there appeared fresh off 60th Street, Gay and Nan Talese, the king and queen of the writing/editing world. With them was a handsome couple. I thought I recognized the woman -- her name was Virginia. But if she was Virginia, wasn't the guy Peter? Peter Duchin? Bandleader extraordinaire and a true friend of mine over many years? A fixture of New York's music and social life over 40 seasons? I didn't recognize him this night. (Virginia is his wife.)

Yes, it was! It was definitely Peter Duchin, who I have served with for years at the Living Landmarks Galas. I have even dared to sing with his charming orchestra.

Peter Duchin had a stroke some months ago and for his comeback, he has managed to retrieve his young self. He looks again like a classic movie star! (This is a guy who, as an actor, once appeared nude in a movie titled The World of Henry Orient, with Angela Lansbury in the lead.)

I am always so thrilled when somebody can make themselves over. Especially when they do it defying the odds -- and return looking refreshed!

I hope I'll be with Peter at the Landmarks Gala this year happening at the Plaza Ballroom, which the Landmarks Conservancy saved from destruction. The gala happens November 6th and is one of the rare "fun" fund-raisers of the year. This time out we're making Gael Greene, Leonard Lauder, Mitch Rosenthal, Daryl Roth, Jordan Roth and Mort Zuckerman into "Living Landmarks."

They'll be joining the ranks of such as David and Laurence Rockefeller, Mike Wallace, Peter Jennings, Brooke Astor, Ahmet Ertegan and a multitude of others.

•I SAW a movie this week that absolutely floored me. It was so surprising and great and if there is any justice left in the movie world, which has never practiced much "justice," then Pride will be talked about during the Oscar races. And perhaps it will receive its due!

I would have stayed away from Pride with a yawn if you'd told me I was going to see a film about how a bunch of British gays and lesbians raised money for striking coal miners during the Margaret Thatcher years. But Mike Nichols, Scott Rudin, Stephen Sondheim and the Shubert's Phil Smith wouldn't let me stay away. (Their names were on the invite as endorsing hosts.) And the dynamic press agent, Rick Miramontez, also insisted I should see Pride. So I went.

Director Matthew Warchus and screenwriter Stephen Beresford and a cast of terrific actors make you laugh and cry and gasp at their talents and realism. So take all your petty prejudices and go.(I did and I had a lot to learn.)

Don't you dare miss Pride. And I won't bore you with all the details. Just see it and tell me if you disagree. This film has joy, heartbreak, giddy silliness and the vanquishing of hard core mean-ness!

In a world gone mad with the loss of humor and the politically correct "taking over" the world and its troubles, you will love Pride.

•PEOPLE are chiding me for naiveté in thinking that it was Jimmy Fallon's idea to put Barbra Streisand in his seat behind the desk when she visited The Tonight Show.

One, who seems to be "in the know" wrote: "It was Streisand's idea, not Fallon's. Barbra feels her left side is more feminine and attractive!" Other notes have come my way with examples of Streisand demanding sets be rearranged to suit her face. Well, I don't know. Nor does anybody else, unless they were in the room with Barbra and Jimmy, discussing camera angles.

I still think Streisand at the desk looked appropriate. Especially with it being her first Tonight Show appearance in 50 years. If Barbra had wanted to descend from the ceiling in clouds of smoke with a heavenly choir, that would have been fine too.