02/18/2014 12:13 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2014

Have You Heard? -- Amber Is the Austin Film Festival's Hot Ticket

"My dad is a typical old-school Texan. He loves to hunt...Six days out of the week we ate what he killed. He took me to the shooting range from the time I could hold a gun and I did target practice almost my whole life."

This is the beauty Amber Heard talking to Vanity Fair.

•PEOPLE WHO don't approve of the current politics and downright insane carryings on in the State of Texas...and I am one of them...have to still give this important state some TLC and hope Texas will fall in step one day in the future. And this leads us to the annual Texas Film Awards, taking place in Austin (the most beloved town by liberals in the Lone Star State) on March 6th.

I had no sooner written about Amber Heard, who is from Austin, becoming the new love of the all-important star Johnny Depp than I pick up the Film Award brochure
and discover she is being saluted with the "Rising Star Award." (Talk about timing!) Will her lover Mr. Depp do the presentation?

In the current Vanity Fair under the headline "Texas Couldn't Hold Her" is the utterly gorgeous Ms. Heard as photographed by Tom Munro. No wonder super star Depp just bought the two of them a Downton Abbey-like chateau in Great Britain. And he's a man who always seemed to prefer France.

•As for the rest, they are giving Mac Davis the Soundtrack Award and none other than Priscilla Presley will do the honors. They are giving the Lifetime Achievement prize to Louis Black. And there's also an award being presented by Danny McBride to David Gordon Green. The Star of Texas Award will be accepted by the always ubiquitous Robert Rodriguez, plus Juliette Lewis and Fred Williamson and Luke Wilson is the emcee of the whole event.

Go to Austin on March 6. You'll have a hell of a time whether you attend the Film Awards or not. I always loved this event and participated in it many times. The last time I was there I gave an award to the one and only Oscar-winner Renee Zellweger. It was a lot of fun!

•MY Favorite Emmy-winning, witheringly witty villain/hero is on the cover of Esquire for March -- The Style Issue. I do mean Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage. He looks so sexy and handsome and dangerous in his gray Armani suit.

Dinklage, whose 2003 movie The Station Agent should have made him a hot property back then, is most assuredly a hot property now. Aside from continuing his breakout role as Tyrion Lannister on Thrones, he has five -- count em' five -- movies ready for release or in pre-production. One of them is X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 6th. These cable series really make us wait a long time, with baited breath for each season. Well, it's a reason to keep on living, I guess. (That, and the coming marriage of Charlie Sheen to a porn actress. Who says there's no such thing as true love and happily-ever-after in Hollywood?)

•MAGGIE SMITH and Penelope Wilton are giving fans a great deal of pleasure this season on Downton Abbey. The exchanges between these two formidable -- but totally opposite in every way -- dowagers is such fun. I could watch them parry and thrust for an entire episode!

Wilton's character of Isobel Crawley is one of the most straightforward, commonsense, maddening women ever conceived. Of course she is the creation of head writer and series creator Julian Fellowes, but so much depends on the performance of the actress, which is spot on. Isobel can drive a person crazy, but she is almost always correct, in thought and deed. (Much to the arch disapproval of Maggie's Countess of Grantham. Although the Countess seems to have gained a grudging fondness for this efficient, right-to-the-point, thorn in her side.)

Isobel is the type of person you call first in an emergency -- no panic, no foolishness. Penelope Wilton needs some Emmy or SAG recognition.

•ENDQUOTE: "Sometimes I look at the monitor after I've shot a scene, and I go, 'You're not that young, dude.'"

That's Kevin Bacon, in Esquire. Well, we never see ourselves as others do. Certainly in the photo that accompanies Kevin's Q & A by Cal Fussman, he looks nary a day over forty. And anyway he's only 55, so...stop complaining kid!

I love Kevin and his wonderful wife Kyra Sedgwick (I miss The Closer!) Kevin can be seen in the Fox series The Following. Maybe he can have a little chat with the cameraman?