07/03/2013 05:17 pm ET Updated Sep 02, 2013

Don't Let Your Kids Divorce the Summer

If you're going through a divorce, it has nothing to do with your kids enjoying their summer. As parents, you both have to rise above your differences when it comes to the children.

Now that school has ended for the summer break, your kids will be around the house much more. So keep a lid on the tension surrounding the divorce even though it may be difficult to do at times. This is important because you want your children to enjoy the carefree atmosphere of summer. Both parents need to keep this in mind. The divorce is tough on kids, but making them live it every day emotionally with you is not fair.

Here are seven ways to make sure your children have a wonderful summer despite the divorce.

Discuss a Summer Budget: Speak with your ex and plan a summer budget for activities for your children. If you want to put them in day camp, discuss the costs prior so you and your ex are not arguing all summer long.

Set Up a Day Camp Schedule: If you are going to sign up your children for day camp, you should plan a pick up/drop off schedule. For example, you can drop them off at camp in the morning and their father can pick them up at the end of the day. This way, they feel both parents are involved in their lives during the summer.

Start a Summer Blog: You and your kids should write a summer blog for 2013, posting pictures and stories about all of the fun things you do together. This will be a great way for your family and friends to keep up with the activities. It will also get your children writing more, which is always productive.

Visit Your Local Library: Try to get your kids reading during the summer. Local libraries offer their summer reading lists, which are enjoyable to follow. A popular children's book series will get your kids minds off of the divorce and onto something that's creative.

Plan Weekend Trips: Going on an adventure out of town is always good for the summer. Plan a schedule with your ex to take the kids away on weekend trips. Each of you can bring them someplace different that they will enjoy like local fairs, amusement parks, the beach, and so on.

Sign Them Up For Arts and Crafts: Arts and crafts are always fun for kids. They love it and enjoy making things for their parents. They can paint pictures for both their parents that are guaranteed to warm the heart.

Make Meals Together: It's always fun to get in the kitchen and cook a recipe that grandma created. Or, do some summer barbecuing together. If you haven't cooked with your children before, this is a real sign of independence for them when you allow them to cook alongside you. Also, let them choose the menu once a week and prepare their favorite meal together.

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