Shaggy Hair Studio: One of the Best in NYC

Finding a great hair studio and stylist who can do everything from a great blowout to highlights to full color -- once found -- is a true keeper. But, you already know this.

I've jumped around a lot from salon to salon in NYC --from super expensive to fairly cheap -- and only rarely being blown a way (pun intended) with my experience. As a busy New Yorker (aren't we all?), I am always looking for a stylist who won't break the bank so I can come more often than not (aren't we all?). I was excited to find Shaggy Hair Studio on the Upper East Side. They've gotten press before as a top hair salon with good prices. So, I decided to check them out.

I met both owners who are also head hair stylists at the salon, Yossi Shaar and Oren Lazanski. Yossi and Oren are friends since high school in Israel. What great history and a true friendship to start a business on. Yossi did my hair, but I chatted with Oren the whole time as well. Both Yossi and Oren were incredibly modest, fun, funny, real, down to earth, generous with their time and very, very talented. They make you feel good the second you sit in the chair, even though you're hair is a mess to begin with. Then, the hair commentation and planning begins, and you feel completely at ease and excited. The whole staff was friendly, attentive and truly enjoyable.

Yossi gave me the perfect winter 'do -- taking out some of my light summer highlights, bringing my hair it its natural color perfectly (hard to do) and making it as healthy as possible. He then layered it in all the right places to give my fine hair lift and bounce, as I was looking for something low maintenance but chic. He blew it out and slightly curled it with a brush, making sure to add enough product -- without weighing down my hair -- to carry it through the night. During my wash, he added a conditioner that left my hair shiny and silky smooth. Shaggy Hair Studio sells all types of brushes, shampoos and conditioners that you're probably looking for and/or need too.

Honestly, one of the best hair cuts I have ever gotten! Easy to get to. Easy to schedule. Pleasant experience. Friendly staff. Unbelievable value. No pretension. And, good coffee to sip on while in the chair. Bonus: They do weddings and makeup. Oh, and they're starting nails soon too. Yes.

Excited to come back! Thank you, Yossi and Oren!

Shaggy Hair Studio
1405 Third Avenue
NYC NY 10075