10/05/2012 12:55 pm ET Updated Dec 05, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking: Taking Charge of Your Attitude

Have you thought about the idea of using positive energy to overcome health problems, stress and maybe even disease? Dealing with stress and illness can take a toll on more than just your physical self, burning to a deep emotional space. Entire families and circles of friends feel the worry that clings to someone when they are tackling a tough situation. But what if positive thinking could have the power to turn things around?

Going way back, when I was working with my husband to start our business, times were tough. Not only had we poured every ounce of our savings into building our dream, but we were working around the clock to make it happen. Our friends and family were our business partners. We were all tired and stressed but determined. Especially during that time, we did not surround ourselves with anyone who wasn't positive and encouraging in our endeavor. Think great thoughts and embrace the idea that you are bound for success.

In business and in our personal lives, we are challenged at some point with unexpected hurdles. It's only human for your attitude to go one of two ways. You can embrace the challenge, tackle it head-on and kick its butt, or you can let it kick yours. Wrapping yourself in positive energy by surrounding yourself with good people, good habits and love can be the perfect segue to using optimism to overcome a challenge.

Just recently, I was curious if a positive attitude has been proven to help patients who are suffering from illness or disease to overcome and heal. What I found, delighted me. According to the Mayo Clinic, "Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health." By embracing an optimistic approach, you are able to tackle tough situations productively and with a solution-oriented mindset. By weaving optimism into your attitude, your ability to cope with challenges may increase.

I have certainly heard incredible stories about people who have used a great outlook to overcome life-changing obstacles, and I am a total believer. I have seen the power of positive energy work for me -- when I believe, I can handle anything that life sends my way. When I am feeling down and negative, things always seem worse than they actually are. Don't get to that space, because everything is magnified.

Putting life and challenges into perspective and reminding yourself that you have the power to change your attitude are incredible gifts. There is no doubt that life throws some curveballs, but hitting a homerun and reaching that peak is totally worth it. The next time you find yourself seeking an avenue to bring a touch of positive thinking into your situation, try these methods for embracing the power of positive energy:

  • Practice deep breaths.
  • Try yoga, tai chi or another calming, centered activity
  • Awaken your natural endorphins with a bike ride or run
  • Cut back on smoking and alcohol
  • Try a detoxifying juice cleanse
  • Be assertive and communicate your needs
  • Spend a few quiet moments reflecting on the things and people who bring you joy

What have you done recently to bring the power of positive thinking into your life? Have you seen results?

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