09/14/2013 03:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Tomboy Takes Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has been called the "week of all weeks for anyone involved in fashion." Designers choose everything from the venue, the music, the models and the lighting, to the spectacular clothing. Celebrities, fashion icons and famous magazine editors flock to the event looking to get a glimpse at what is in store for next Spring/Summer.

I, on the other hand, am a college student who skips the fashion section of any magazine out of boredom (even the flashy pictures can't grasp my attention). Though I am not a complete tomboy (I will admit, getting dressed up and looking nice is not completely lost on me), I definitely am not the first person to go running to a fashion show. Yet, somehow I recently got invited to a show during NY's Fashion Week. Out of extreme curiosity, my mom and I decided to go.

As I prepared for my upcoming night on the town, there was one thing I could not figure out: What do people where to a fashion show? ...And that was the exact question I typed into Google. I did my research and learned the following:

1) Do not be too flashy - you don't want to outshine the models (apparently there are people out there who are at risk of that. I am not one of them).
2) Get flashy with your shoes - This is a seated event so there is no excuse why you shouldn't be wearing you most fashionable (a.k.a most uncomfortable) heals.
3) Do not wear a designer outfit (you don't want to look like you're trying to hard), but you absolutely have to be carrying a designer bag

So with that, I put together an outfit. I didn't meet all the criteria, but I came close.

The perfectly planned outfit

After a couple mishaps on the way (missing our train, then getting stuck in major traffic) my mom and I arrived at the venue, by far the most underdressed people. We were clearly underestimating how great the models would look. Men were dressed in sleek, bold suits (the man next to me was even carrying a man-purse!) and women were in the most incredible outfits. It was as if the designer had dressed the audience himself.

Now, while fighting the escalating feeling that I did not belong, I stepped foot inside. My anxiety was quickly assuaged, however, by a woman working at the event. She came up to me, asking if I was here to see the show. After confirming that I was, her face lit up and she said, "Knew it! You look so familiar!"

At this moment there were two thoughts running through my head: 1) I have fooled them all and I look like I belong. I am a gorgeous, sophisticated Fashionista 2) I hope she is not the girl I knocked over in last week's soccer game.

I chose to listen to my first thought. I held my head a bit higher and walked into the show. After being seated, I watched in awe as models were strutting down the runway to the beat of the music, wearing clothes that I could actually see myself in (shocking, I know!). There were beautiful print dresses, contrasting colors and amazing textures. I even saw a bright handbag that was half of height of the model herself.

I enjoyed the show and, in fact, found it to be a lot of fun. I clapped at the end when the models came out with the designer and I even got to meet him. I was completely sincere when thanking him for the great experience and while telling him how great his clothes were.

I hate stepping out of my comfort zone and going to this fashion show was just that -- outside my comfort zone. But I went anyway. I had an amazing time with my mom, I learned about an incredibly fascinating and cutthroat industry and I got to partake in an event that brings in multi-millions of dollars into New York City.

It's human nature to feel anxious or uneasy about something we aren't used to. Don't run from your fears. Face them and see where you end up. You might just see yourself hanging out with famous fashion designers.