02/12/2013 05:16 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2013

Post-mayor Job for Bloomberg: Life Coach to Chris Christie

Mayor Bloomberg needs something to do when he terms out at the end of 2013. Governor Chris Christie has a serious weight problem. I've got the solution -- Bloomberg should re-career as Christie's weight loss life coach. It's a win-win. The mayor can personalize his messianic health kick, while the governor reaps the benefit of living to see his kids go to college.

At the end of this year, Bloomberg, a billionaire, will no longer be Mayor of New York and is wondering what to do with himself to "remain relevant." For the past ten years the mayor has adopted the mantle of New York City's Health Nanny, banning smoking and trans-fats, requiring disclosure of calorie counts, pushing a salt reduction initiative, and outlawing super-sized sugary drinks. There's even talk that Prohibition-type curbs on alcohol are on the way. Thanks to the mayor, bleary-eyed straphangers are confronted with heart-stopping ads depicting an overweight amputee, accompanied by the stark warning that "Portions have grown, so has Type 2 diabetes, which can lead to amputations." Bloomberg is so devoted to the cause that, when addressing the U.N. General Assembly, he proclaimed health promotion "government's highest duty."

There's no doubt that Bloomberg is out to save the world from obesity, one person at a time. Why not start with Governor Chris Christie, who lugs around 300 pounds on a 5' 11" frame and fits into the heart-attack-waiting-to-happen BMI category? The governor's denial of his weight problem is evident in his recent public tiff with the former White House physician, who had the temerity to state the obvious: that the Governor's weight poses a danger to his health. Christie resorted to name-calling, branding the well-meaning doctor a "hack" who just wanted her five minutes of fame. Despite the governor's attempt to make light of his physique by eating a doughnut on Letterman, he has a serious health problem to address. There's just no disputing the fact that obesity is associated with an increased danger of heart disease, stroke, and a host of other life-threatening ailments.

I hereby appoint Mayor Bloomberg as Governor Christie's personal health nanny. It will do them both a world of good. The mayor can give back by helping the governor drop 100 pounds. Then maybe, instead of running for president, Christie will become a fitness convert, write a book, and become a poster child for healthy living. Stranger things have happened.