10/08/2013 08:31 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

America - The Gateway to Humanity's Future?

I am told America will play a huge role in the evolution of mankind. That from America will come many of the ideas and initiatives that will create a better world and will help unify countries. The angels tell me America is supposed to be a beacon of hope for the world.

I appreciate that both this message, and seeing angels may seem farfetched and you may not wish to believe either. I see angels physically, as I would see a person standing in front of me. I have seen them since I was a baby and I see a guardian angel with each and every person I see regardless of their religion. I have no idea why I can see them and others can't. I have no way of proving this to you, but I would ask you to suspend your doubts and cynicism for a few moments and let me tell you what I have been told about America's role in the world.

I am amused when people accuse me of talking about America's pivotal role as an attempt to sell more books in the USA. Given that it alienates and upsets many people in Europe where my books are bestsellers this would be a rather short sighted approach. I can only tell the truth and say what I have been told.

Each time I land in the USA I am shown what I am told is the gateway to humanity's future, and told that America is the cradle for an evolved human race.

The angels are telling me that America is going in the right direction to fulfil this destiny. Not all decisions being made in the United States are correct but I am told that, broadly speaking, it is moving in the right direction and where it isn't there will be further opportunities to change course. I know a lot of people will have their doubts about what I am saying. I am told that in the future when we look back we will be able to see the progress that has been made more clearly. For now, hard as this may be for some to stomach, the rest of the world needs to listen more to America.

The angels tell me that those of you living in America need to unify more. That whatever you do or wherever you live you need to become more conscious of people around you of different ethnic backgrounds, different creeds and different occupations. The blossoming of America to its full potential will come from unifying as one nation. To achieve this you need to seek out and find the things that you have in common, rather than the things that divide you.

Each of you has a role to play in this, you need to start to smile and say hello to people who in the past you have judged to be different to you, to get to know them properly. In doing so the angels tell me you will discover you have much more in common than you might have thought.

I continually pray for America and Americans to wake up and embrace their true potential in the world faster.

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Lorna Byrne's Sunday Times #1 Bestseller A Message of Hope from the Angels is published in paperback in the USA on 8th October.