Don't Believe in Angels? Suspend Your Disbelief for a Day

08/29/2012 06:28 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

"I don't believe in angels. ... I don't believe in any of that nonsense at all," said the woman. I smiled to myself. I could see the light of her guardian angel behind her and six big, beautiful, white angels around her.

I have been seeing and talking with angels since I was a little baby. I see angels physically as I see someone sitting in front of me.

I meet lots of people who tell me they don't believe in angels. I have no idea why I can see angels and others can't -- I'm just an ordinary person. I understand, though, that for some people it's hard to believe that there could be such a thing as an angel. I can't prove the existence of angels to anyone. I wish I could. But I said to this woman just what I'd say to anyone who doubts the existence of angels: "What have you got to lose by suspending your disbelief for a day?"

I don't ever try to change anyone's beliefs, but I know how much angels can help us. I see it every day and it seems to me to be such a waste when people don't ask for this help. Angels can help us so much, particularly in these challenging times.

Last week I was in a park in Dublin. It was crowded with people enjoying the sunshine. As always, I could see angels. As I walked across the park I could see a woman sitting on a bench. She had a baby in a buggy beside her and two other children running around playing. As I got closer to the bench the angels told me to go and sit down beside the mother.

Up until then I hadn't noticed a particular angel standing to the mother's right, slightly behind her. This angel was extremely beautiful. It was a golden colour and shimmered like the light of the sun. The angel held its arm out in front of the woman and upon the angel's hand was a round light, the size of a tennis ball, glowing very brightly.

When I see an angel holding a light in front of someone, I know that the person is having a tough time and that the angel is holding the light to help to give them hope and the courage to keep on going. At the moment, I am seeing a lot more angels holding lights out in front of people.

I approached and asked the mother if I could share the bench with her. She smiled and nodded. We sat in silence for a few minutes and then I commented on what a lovely day it was.

We talked for a while and she started to talk of her worries. Her husband had recently been made unemployed. She was very worried about the future. Her guardian angel was behind her. This angel was dressed in green with beautiful long and slender wings of feathers, fine like silk and tinted with gold.

As we talked her guardian angel was whispering to her, reminding her of all the good things in her life, even if at the moment things seemed to be falling apart, there was a lot of good there too.

As her guardian angel continued whispering to her, the mother started to talk about her children, how she was filled with joy each time she looked at them, about what a gift they were. She told me what a wonderful husband she had, how he loved and cared for them. As we talked I could see her mood changing. She was starting to focus on the good things in her life, rather than focussing on the difficulties.

I see a guardian angel with everyone regardless of their religion or nationality. I have never seen anyone, anywhere in the world, without a guardian angel. If I do, I'll be so shocked! Your guardian angel is with you from before you are conceived until after your death. It loves you unconditionally and will do everything possible to guide you through life.

I know the angels can help to make things easier for us. I see them helping people every day. Of course, I do understand people who have their doubts about this, who feel that their problems are too big to be helped by angels, that if there was really was a powerful guardian angel beside them, minding them, they wouldn't have these problems.

The angels didn't cause these problems, but they can help us out of it. They can help to make each of our lives easier. Angels are a gift from God and they want to help us; it's such a shame not to make use of this help.

We all have free will. Angels can help us, but only if we ask them. And then we need to listen.
People ask me how to do this, and I tell them it's simple. All they have to do is ask. Suspend the disbelief that you have an angel by your side and just ask it for help.