07/01/2013 08:59 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2013

Nelson Mandela: The Greatest Spiritual Leader of Our Time

Each and every one of us will personally feel the pain and emptiness created by the loss of Nelson Mandela, even if we don't recognize it. I write this in the knowledge that by the time you read this he may already have gone home to Heaven.

Mandela is acknowledged by many to be the greatest peacemaker of our time. He is, but he is so much more. Nelson Mandela is the greatest spiritual leader of our time. He always listened to God and did everything God asked him. He has been able to change the world because of his deep belief and trust in God. This level of faith is exceedingly rare.

Evil exists; we can see evidence of it around us. I know that Nelson Mandela was challenged by 'the other side.' He had so many obstacles put in his way though-out his life, but he never, ever gave up. He never gave in to the temptation of power and glory, or money. He had free choice and I am told he made the choice each and every time to listen to God and do as God asked. This is so extremely rare; I have asked and been told that this cannot be said of any other leader, religious or secular, in our world today.

I can understand your challenging who I am to make statements like this. I am an ordinary woman with no education who has been seeing angels since I was a baby, I see them physically and I see them every day. I have no idea why I can see them and others can't when I ask God I am only told "Why not you?" I believe I am allowed see and speak with angels so as I can help others by sharing what I see and am told.

I remember being shown Nelson Mandela on TV all those years ago when he was released from prison. The angels with me told me that this man was extremely spiritual, they described him to me as a man who "walked with his soul forward all the time," and would become the greatest spiritual leader alive.

I have always feared that Nelson Mandela would be killed before his time, and always have prayed that he would live the full life that God intended him too. So my sense of loss is tinged with thanks that he has lived his full span and acceptance that now is the time God is taking him from us.

There will be a great gap left by the loss of Nelson Mandela. We need powerful spiritual leaders, to show us just how great we all have the potential to be, to show us what it is like to live a life of faith and courage. His loss will be felt by each and every one of us. It will create a spiritual vacuum within us that will be difficult to fill.

The truth is that no one can fill Mandela's shoes, or take his place. I have asked is there another great spiritual leader waiting in the wings. I have been told not at the moment. I pray we don't have too long to wait and that I will see another spiritual leader of his stature in my lifetime.