12/20/2012 06:25 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2013

See the World Through the Eyes of a Child This Christmas

At heart we are all innocent. We recognise this innocence in children but, as we have grown up, many of us have struggled to hold on to this innocence and have hidden it under a hard and cynical attitude. Life can be tough and this can shatter our innocence in many ways but it is so important, for our own happiness and for peace in the world, that we do not forget this innocence.

Christmas is a time when we can rediscover and reconnect with the innocence that is inside each one of us and allow ourselves to become more open. When we do so, we start to see the innocence in everyone around us and we become more kind and compassionate. This innocence is the true spirit of Christmas.

Each and every one of us has a guardian angel. I see angels every day and have done since I was a baby. I see them as physically as I see someone standing in front of me. I know there are people who dismiss me as "an innocent" or "delusional," but I can only tell you what I see. I have no idea why I see angels and other people don't, I am only an ordinary woman who can't even read or write properly. I understand that I am allowed to see angels so I can share what I see with others, to help them to believe in angels.

Your guardian angel loves you unconditionally and knows you to be wonderful, to be perfect and to be innocent. Your guardian angel wants to help you to reconnect with your innocence because it will make your own life happier and easier and also because if we all reconnected with this innocence, our world would be a much better place. If we all recognised the innocence in everyone else in the world there would be no war or killing. There would be much less hunger and injustice. We would have a much more peaceful world.

The angels have told me that the symbol of Christmas -- a new born baby lying in a manger -- is a reminder to us of the importance of reconnecting with our innocence.

I am told that this time of the year is special, not just for people who celebrate the birth of baby Jesus, as we do here in Ireland, but for all the peoples of the world. The period from November until January is a time of celebration in many religions and is a time of the intertwining of the old and the new across many cultures. It's a time of rebirth, a time of renewed innocence.

Every Christmas, I see thousands of angels flying over houses dropping balls of lights into each and every home. I then see an explosion of light that lights up the home and everyone in it. The angels have explained to me that these gifts, of balls of light, are to help adults to reconnect with their innocence, with their memories of Heaven.

In the presence of young children we often feel their innocence, their sense of wonder. Then, at Christmas, we may be afforded a glimpse of something more, which can rekindle this innocence within us. We all have this innocence inside us, even though it may be hidden for most of the year.

I am not talking about naivety; rather, I am talking about a pure innocence that allows us to see the good in ourselves and in others. I am not talking about immaturity, rather a maturity that is deepened by the awareness of the innocence of everyone. The more we understand our own and one another's innocence, the more we grow and the better people we will become.

When we look at the world through innocent eyes -- we see the joy and the wonder in the simple everyday things.

Give yourself the chance to reconnect with your innocence this Christmas.