11/19/2012 11:32 am ET Updated Jan 19, 2013

Thanksgiving: A Feast of Light

Giving thanks helps us to appreciate the good things that are in our lives. So much of the time we fail to appreciate what we have, be it friends, family, health or a roof over our head. Yes, things may be tough and we may have worries but far too often we focus on what we are lacking rather than on what we have. Giving thanks helps us to recognize the good that is in our lives and be grateful for it.

Accepting gratitude, the thanks of someone else, even a stranger, lights us up -- it makes us feel good. It helps us, even for a second, to see the light and love that is within us. When someone gives you thanks, with those simple words, love and kindness flows from that person to you.

Lots of us struggle with receiving thanks. We may be shy, we may be angry at ourselves, or at the world around us. We need to learn to accept thanks because it is another way of accepting love.

Sometimes we are afraid of accepting thanks, or of giving thanks to another person, because we feel it will make us vulnerable or weak. We are afraid that in giving thanks we will show our real selves. Overcoming this fear of showing ourselves as we truly are is a part of growing and becoming a better person. We all need to do it. Showing our true selves makes us stronger and helps us to see more clearly what is wrong and right in life.

Angels help us to give and receive thanks. I have been seeing and talking with angels since I was a little baby. I see angels every day and I see them physically as I see someone sitting in front of me. I see a guardian angel with each and every person, regardless of religion, and I see lots of other angels too. I have no idea why I should be able to see angels and you don't. I'm just an ordinary person. I see angels whispering in people's ears to encourage them to give thanks. They get us to practice saying thanks in simple ways so we are able to say thank you in more profound situations.

When we give thanks, we open up spiritually. The angels have told me that each and every expression of gratitude is automatically taken as prayer. Not just when we thank God for something, but also when we thank a stranger who serves us in a shop. Sometimes the angels let me see the impact giving thanks has. When this happens I am shown a light radiating from the person giving thanks at heart level, which lights up both them and the person who is accepting the thanks. Giving and receiving thanks is a spiritual act and it stirs up the love within us.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day. I have been told that the angels celebrate this day too -- both on earth and in Heaven. What is particularly wonderful about Thanksgiving in America is how it is celebrated by so many people of different cultures and traditions. The angels keep telling me that it is important that people of different faiths pray together -- in truth, since giving thanks is a form of prayer, they do so on Thanksgiving.

Much of the rest of the world doesn't celebrate the day of Thanksgiving; it is hardly marked here in my native Ireland. But it is a day I would encourage everyone in the world to acknowledge and celebrate.