03/21/2011 06:59 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Should We Question Our Own Source of Power in Our Lives?

Speaking as an energetic/spiritual analogy, the idea of trying to get power by harnessing a very dangerous source can be problematic. Right now there's a meltdown going on at the nuclear facility in Japan. The top of one of the buildings that houses the reactor blew off the structure. I sometimes imagine how a world event might be allegorical in my life or the lives of others. Perhaps there is a lesson learned here: are people trying to harness and control the wrong power source? If there's a huge shake-up in their lives, can that power source withstand the force?

The phrase "accept no substitutes" comes to mind. It is so very tempting to make other people and success our higher power. But that is not lasting. At our house in northern California, we have a house that is off the grid. The house has spring-fed water and a large solar panel. Our utility bills are zip, nada. It's not all fun and games in the winter, though: we do have to run the generator to have electricity when it's cloudy. We also have to have a lot of cut logs for the fireplace. But mostly, it's easy breezy. What I learn more and more is that when I don't go for the right source, I overcomplicate things. When I go for the purest force, it simplifies and lasts.

A simple example is my son's birthday party. We scheduled a big bash with a bouncy house in the backyard. Only one problem: rain was scheduled to pour all weekend. We ended up being the only family to stick with a bouncy house order from a big L.A. company for that weekend. First, I worried. Then I quit. Then I prayed. My friends prayed. And for those five hours of the party, not only was it dry; it was sunny! All our friends commented how lucky and blessed we were.

I find that when I remember to ask for help, I usually get it. But sometimes I'm off trying to harness power from my ego or from the approval of others. Those are not sources that last. I pray about big things but often forget about the little stuff. I've learned to pray for guidance, not my will, but thy will. When I'm off on my own going down that ego-paved road, I find that circumstances often shake me back on track. Then the divine comes into my life in a soothing way. Right now Japanese workers are trying to cool the reactors with seawater. It's the most powerful, available antidote that they can get their hands on right now. And it's all natural and ready to assist.