05/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

When the Universe Stalks You By Using Signs

What do Legoland and Kundalini Yoga have in common? They both fall into my own personal the-universe-is-stalking-me experience this past week. Sometimes I get clear signs to do something. I hear a song, see a billboard or someone says something "coincidental" about the exact thing I'm thinking of doing. I believe universal energies converge to make suggestions about our next steps. I also believe that force relentlessly follows me and then ruthlessly tries to get my attention.

For weeks the idea of doing yoga again after taking a five-year hiatus has come into my mind. Of course it's an insurmountable hurdle to do it. They offer the classes at my gym, while my kids are in school. Impossible! Yoga takes patience and work. No thanks. Recently I went to a store and bought a plain purple candle. I looked at it, took it home then realize to my horror on the back is a woman in a yoga posture with the word "yoga" emblazoned underneath her.

Then along comes Claudine. I was minding my own business at my local coffee hang out in Los Angeles. She overheard me talking to a friend about some new age stuff and later introduced herself. By later, I mean she followed her intuition, came back to the same coffee place a few days later hoping to see me, then suggested a Kundalini Yoga class that she goes to just down the street from the coffee place. Her invitation came completely out of the blue, we were not talking about yoga at all.

"O.K., O.K.", I said looking up to the sky, "I'll go!". I did and I actually enjoyed it. I also went to a class at the gym. It's the same gym Claudine happens to go to, where she also takes yoga.This is a clear case of being stalked by the universe.

Don't kid yourself. The universe has no qualms about sending in its special operations teams to get you to do something. I would count Claudine in that group. She looks innocent enough. She has a friendly face, a good attitude and she's a mom. But at that point she was clearly on a mission to get me to do yoga.

Then this week, while my kids were on spring break they suggested we go to Legoland California. I had my doubts. It's a two-hour drive from our house, can seem a bit pricey and two of my kids are actually too old for a lot of it. The day after they'd suggested it, I got up early, went to the gym and then the grocery store. There in aisle eight I hear the recorded announcer say, "Use your grocery club card to save fifty percent on tickets to Legoland".

"OK, OK", I said again, looking up at the ceiling, "I"ll go."I bought the tickets and we went that same day. I saved about 40 dollars using the club card. Contrary to my ego's predictions, we had a great time.

I'm not alone in this signs from the universe thing, of course. Last week I told a friend I thought she needed to take the breaks off her spiritual path at the same moment a driver near us screeched loudly on the car breaks. My husband was debating about the cost of buying a new Harley Davidson and asked for a sign about the purchase. He asked to be shown it would be within our budget. The next day the dealership changed the deal and dramatically reduced the down payment, without him suggesting it out loud. Then he played a dealership game and won a $150 gift certificate.

As a former broadcast investigative reporter and current professional psychic, I've made a career out of following my intuition. I've also made a life out of it. But, I'm not above resisting some ideas that are suggested by the heavenly realm. Especially when they're being suggested for fun and health reasons. When I'm in the middle of denying the message that is usually the same time the signs get ramped up to get my attention.

I see the same pattern with family, friends and clients. I saw it again in my own life this week. I was considering writing about it while at Legoland.

Then a man pushing a stroller in front of my kids and me at Legoland turned to his wife and told her there must be a sign somewhere near-by showing where the ride was. Then, I kid you not, he burst into the chorus line from the song "Signs" by the Five Man Electrical Band, singing, "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign." "OK, OK", I said looking up at the sky, "I'll write it."