01/03/2011 04:22 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

7 Goal-Setting Tips for the New Year

Welcome, 2011!

Happy New Year! This is the time of the year when we all reflect on the last year and our lives in general. We think about what we want to bring in for the new year and reflect on our best life. It is the perfect time for goal-setting! Here are seven goal-setting tips:

  • Make it a treat!
  • Set up a good mood for your goal-setting time. Build a fire and pour a glass of wine, sit in the middle of a grove of trees, put on some great music, or get snuggled up in your coziest sheets and pour a cup of tea. Create an environment that makes you feel good.

  • Set goals for all the main areas of your life.
  • We tend to set the most intense goals in the area where we want to effect the most change. We may set all our goals regarding better finances or fitness and forget to set goals in the other areas of our life. The suggested main life areas to consider goal-setting are health and fitness, finances and money, career, primary relationships (spouses), family (kids and others), friends, spirituality, education and personal growth.

  • Don't be too serious.
  • These are your goals. Don't get analysis-paralysis. Get started and just let it flow.

  • Keep it realistic.
  • Set yourself up for success. Create goals that are attainable. You can always increase your goal if you attain it before the year's end (see advanced goal-setting below).

  • Create a wish list in addition to your goals.
  • List places you want to go, things you want to do and things you want to acquire.

  • Have fun with it, and dream!
  • Imagine you are limitless. What would you want to do? Set your goals from your mind and your heart. Don't only "think" what you need to do; think about how you "feel" about the goal. Does it feel good, happy or fun? Let your emotions be your guide.

  • Just do it!

Goal-setting is one of the most important things to do to transform your life. You may not know where all this "goal-setting stuff" will lead; all you need to know it that it is the next step on your journey of awakening.

Advanced Goal-Setting: Set three levels of intensity:

  • Easy: the "I just need to form the habit" goal.
  • Challenging: the "I need to put forth more effort" goal.
  • Outrageous: the extreme, "I will be thrilled beyond belief" goal.

Here is an example regarding health and fitness: the easy goal may be walking three times a week and doing some weight training; the challenging goal may be walking three times a week and doing some weight training and cutting out all sugar; the outrageous goal may be doing the previous two goals and adding the goal of eating only raw foods three times a week.

My Favorite Goal suggestion:

This is a very powerful personal growth goal suggestion: start a gratitude journal. Before going to bed, write down five things on that day that you are grateful for. It will enable you to float off to dreamland with the great feeling of gratitude and abundance.

Best to you in the new year, and happy goal-setting!