09/08/2010 09:39 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

What's the Biggest Hair Trend for Fall?

Last week was an all-time great week for me. I was lucky enough to appear on the Today show four days in a row. This is truly a gift. I consider it one of the highest points of my career and an opportunity that I never expected to occur in my lifetime. On one of the segments, Kathie Lee Gifford asked me what are the latest hair trends for fall 2010. My mind went blank for a second because I realized there is no one new trend. I could have started talking about pretty, sexy hair in general, the popularity of the Keratin treatment, or that seductive hair doesn't always have to be long. Then I had my moment of clarity: The hottest trend in beauty is whatever looks best on you.

We all have different idiosyncrasies in our appearances. Each one of us has slightly different facial structures, skin and hair color and texture. How could there possibly be one trend that could be right for everyone? It is impossible.

If I had to make a general statement about hair for fall 2010, I would say that it should look very natural and beautiful. Loose waves and hair that looks almost retro has become -- and will continue to be -- a major trend for fall.

More Fall Hair Quick Tips
Hair can be worn any length as long as it is appropriate for its texture.

Never pick a style that requires thick hair if your hair is fine, or curly hair if yours is pin straight. Doing so would make you a slave to your hair and it won't maintain the desired look through any one morning or night.

Bangs, whether side swept, blunt, or feathered, will always update any hairstyle.

In general, the same tips hold up for hair color and makeup. You should wear hair color and makeup that makes you look your most attractive. It should look like your natural hues would if you had been incredibly lucky in the gene pool.

As I write about natural looking being best, I realize I am ignoring the women who prefer a more stylized look. Not looking natural is valid as long as it makes you feel good about yourself. It is most important that every woman should feel comfortable in her own skin.

Projecting the image you want is the first step toward achieving this goal. Trends come and go. Remember those frizzy perms, flat-ironed hair or chunky streaks of hair color around the face? They all seemed so perfect at the time and now look a bit silly and very out of date.

Looking good is timeless. Before you make a change, make sure it is as right for you as it is on trend.