08/02/2013 07:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Weeklings! : Let's Honor Russia's Gays (VIDEO)

Russia is currently a scary place to be for LGBT citizens, even if Tilda Swinton is waving a terrific flag in front of the place.

New anti-gay legislation, not to mention utterly rampant hate crimes and homophobia, render the whole nation a boycott-worthy land of crisis and horror. But let's not forget that our gay brothers and sisters still live in Russia, and this Weeklings! is for them. It's a rundown of Russia's great and arguably gay cultural history. Putin can't erase the cartoonish, deeply LGBT glamor of furs and Chekhovian leading ladies, and I honestly think that's a salient point. For the gays in Russia, let's engage in some much-needed LGBT-centric Russophilia.


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