12/07/2012 12:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Weeklings! : Why Kate Middleton Matters (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton is pregnant, possibly with twins. Is this her version of mattering? If so, is she succeeding?

Earlier this week I wondered aloud if the Duchess of Cambridge could be considered a gay icon. The jury's still out. Luckily, I've come to realize that Prince William's smiley bride (Cheshire Catherine?) matters on her own terms, if you're big enough to handle them. In this edition of Weeklings!, I argue on behalf of Kate Middleton's relevance, pointing out why the lovely lady is a worthy member of pop culture. Stick around for the end, when I offer a bunch of perfect names for her kids.

Yes, Tia and Tamera get a mention. Not Jackee, though, and I'm sorry about that.


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