02/12/2014 07:35 am ET Updated Apr 14, 2014

Love Letters: Park City

Along with her husband Houman Gohary and two daughters, Blanca Gohary has lived in Park City since 1999. The duo opened their highly acclaimed restaurant, Good Karma, in 2006. They have been featured on Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels and have received numerous local and state awards for their restaurant and their packaged food line, Instant Karma. Blanca is actively involved in the community, working with several local non-profits.

Park City I love you

Park City, I moved here kicking and screaming. I was not happy to leave San Francisco, the beautiful, colorful city where I was raised, where my early identity was formed, where I married, and where I birthed my first child. I cried for San Francisco my first year with you. I hesitated to start a relationship with you. I felt San Francisco and I would get back together. Guess what, after 14 years, I am still here with you. You grew on me and as often as I go back to visit the city of my youth, I realize you now have a stronger hold on me. I let you in and embraced you and our relationship blossomed. You are now the place I proudly call home.

I am raising my two beautiful daughters here, have started two different businesses with my husband, and truly love the friends I have made over the years. My friends are my family and together we are raising a village. We are the fabric of this community. Park City, you truly do grow a community here. Your inhabitants are inspired stewards who care about preserving you and your beauty; your vast open lands, your breath-taking ski runs on not one but three world-class resorts, and your beautiful mountain trails. It is those nurturing trails which I pay frequent homage to when the season invites me to rejoin them for my daily runs. Park City, you have created followers and we worship the mountain gods that created this breathtaking landscape some of us are fortunate enough to call home.

Others see your beauty and adventure you have to offer. They too come to pay homage, wishing they could also call you home. They come in droves, for months, enjoying all you have to offer during the winter ski season. Others make their pilgrimage to you during the summer months, riding your mountain trails and exposing you as the cycling mecca you are. These tourists enjoy meeting you and often return to visit you. I sometimes catch their eye and see a bit of envy, wishing they could be someone like me, a local.

You are my backyard. I wake up to you every morning. I don't have to drive or take a plane to wake up to the majesty of your mountains, the wonders of your blue skies or the clean air that I breath. You are my breath of fresh air every morning.

Park City, you are so much more than your landscape. You have deep roots for other reasons. You have been the home for the Sundance Film Festival for 30 years. You attract an artistic, film-loving crowd. You have hosted the Olympics and are home to many hopefuls. We will see the children of your village shortly in Sochi, making you and your community proud. Park City, you grew up and people around the world took notice. They see your Deer Valley, your Main Street, the quaintness of your unique small mountain town identity, and are in awe of all that you offer. You are my lifestyle. I will continue to serve up the best curries in town and remain part of your landscape. You are home.